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Food, failure and success

Completed another 10 day food challenge and it’s been the best thing for me, not because I lost weight but I have learned more about psychology and people than I ever thought I would.  When I first put the challenge guidelines together I was looking primarily for a way to help people cut back on extra carbs, starches, and sugar to lose water weight and burn more body fat.

I myself appreciate a challenge every once in a while but when I propose to some people a challenge to eat more fruits & vegetables, more seeds, nuts, protein & seafood the look I get and barriers that I have to hurdle to convince them its a good thing, its a challenge within itself.  One that I am welcome to and can’t wait to do again

Every end is a new beginning




hey Spaghetti lover, check this out

To me there is nothing worse than eating left-over spaghetti!

I remember in graduate school I’d stay home and cook more, when I made spaghetti I would always cook more than I could eat and end up throwing the rest away.

Not anymore!!  Check out this spaghetti container with a top that dispenses portions based on 1-4 people.

What a great idea, too bad I don’t eat like I’m in college any more – haha

you want some #thinspo

how bout this for #thinsporation

eat like

look like

David’s GT Fitness10-day Food Challenge – new challenge starts Aug 1st

Are You Ready?  August 1st back to school and back to the Food Challenge.

The slate is clean, time to start food challenge #2, notice I did not say diet?

I do not believe in diets really, I believe some people are what they eat and I want to challenge them mentally, physically and socially to make a difference for 10-days, especially when you get around peers and colleagues.

1.  Mental – you have to be conscious and aware mentally of what you are going to eat and not give in to cheap, fast food

2.  Physical – going above and beyond to acquire real fruits and vegtables, go to the farmers market, plant a garden, and physically avoid going out to eat for 10-days

3.  Social – you will set yourself apart from others.  You will be eating natural, light, and not succumbing to social pressure to make bad choices.


This is not a “fad diet” this a process to teach you first about Body Awareness, Metabolism and help you Get Toned!!!!

Final Results: GT 10-day Food Challenge

GT Food Challenge went GREAT!! after 10-days average weight loss -3.33lbs & -2.25″ total in Abs and Hips!!

We did not recommend a “diet”, everybody ate what they wanted.

We did not give out pills or drink powders, our mission with the 10-day Food Challenge was to  help teach people accountability and body awareness.

These are the results for the 28 people who participated and followed through for 10 days

GT Food Challenge – the Last 3 Days

I wish that I could help people who struggle with Obesity more efficiently than telling them to eat more fruits and vegetables, but that’s all I did to lose -5lbs in 8days – this is not a diet, this is life

GT Food Challenge: Day 3

Today is my 3rd day of the challenge. I believe in 3’s.

It takes about 3 days of tracking daily caloric intake to get a good idea of what exactly it is that you eat.

My break down of nutrients looks like this so far


Three days is ample amount of time to see a significant amount of water retention lost after 72 hrs (3 days) of eating less carbs. On the third day this week we have 4 people -15lbs total (-3.75 a person) that’s a good sign of things to come

3 words I want to end with


That is how you get results in fat loss and in LIFE!!!

What changes have you seen in 3 days of the challenge?

GT Food Challenge: Day 2 Weigh-in – still Balancing my Carbs

Weighed in this morning when I got to the studio and dropped 3lbs on day 2.  Mostly water but I’m still pleased bc that’s real weight.  I am still making food corrections to level out my CHO and Pro intake bc I don’t want more than 45% CHO for my daily allowance.  Too many CHO’s will make my weight go up due to water retention (8lbs a gallon)

I hope your challenge is going as well and keep tracking your food, I’m still torn between MyFitnessPal and LoseIt.  They both work great but I can’t decide which one I like best

GT Get Fit Tip: Carb Balance

Carb balance is key when trying to drop body fat and water retention

The more carbs you eat the more sugar and water your body utilizes for digestion, protein takes longer to digest and the result is amino acids not sugar


So far on the first day of the 10-day food challenge I have had sunflower seeds and 6″ Subway ham – now my carbs are 70%

I’m going to make a correction at 1pm with my snack and try to level my fat and protein to about 30-40% respectively

The human body needs fuel to build your metabolism and make you efficient. More fruits, more vegetables, more seeds and nuts is the key

last supper

my last supper tonight before the food challenge is my favorite mashed potatoes – with baked spicy chicken and asparagus

I will be using the “lose it” app and “food burner” app to track my calories

I’m weighing In at 161 and 13% body fat – my goal in 10 days is 155 and 8-10% body fat

We have 25 people signed in and ready to go – I am very excited to get the results – I will post them soon

Any suggestions or questions please let me know, the 10 day food challenge is a great place for anybody to help start burning body fat

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