David’s GT Fitness 10-day Food Challenge

GT Fitness 10-day Food Challenge

 Whether you’re just starting out or trying to push yourself through a plateau this challenge is the kick-start you need

My GT Fitness 10-day food challenge is designed to help you

1. establish good eating habits

2. speed up your metabolism

3. burn body Fat by reducing sugar and starch intake

The 10 DFC is not a cure-all by no means but a way to challenge how you eat & think about food.  Your past eating habits have got you to this point, I want to help you get focused & committed to making significant healthy lifestyle changes by eating MORE food, not less for the next 10 days.


GT Fitness 10-day Food Challenge is $10

Once you commit I will send the Challenge Guidelines & 7-day meal plan sample for you to follow

Visit my Facebook or call (270)791-3154 for any questions or to schedule your start date & weigh-in time



*Challenge 3-5 friends and WIN a GT Fitness (3) month training package 

Average *RESULTS in 10 days 

*final results May 22-31 2012 = 28 challengers

-3.3lbs & -2.25″ Abs/Hips
(Male winner – Terry -7lbs Fat & -4.125″ Abs/Hips)

(Female winner- Monique = -5lbs Fat & -7″ Abs/Hips)

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