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5 things you should know about protein powder

Proteins is what muscle is made of, and when you break down protein you get amino acids.

What protein powder do you use?

Was it on sale or recommended by the salesperson at the store or the beefcake at the gym?

Is it from a reputable company?

Here’s 5 things you need to know or think about before buying and ingesting protein powder

1.   20g of protein per serving is enough, any more than that will be converted to triglycerides and stored as fat

2.  there are only a few company’s that actually manufacture all protein powders sold in the US – they sale that powder to smaller companies like myself and we put on our label and call it whatever we want, here a few examples




3.  When protein is manufactured in the USA our FDA requires it to be “pasteurized” or heated – the heating kills germs, bacteria and changes the molecular structure of the protein and it loses some  of its benefit and absorption rate

4.  GMO laws are less strict in the USA – most manufacturers want to make a profit so they go for the cheapest “protein source” GMO is big business and makes the most profit margins so most the proteins used are from cheap, genetically altered cows or animals

5.  The only reason to even take extra protein is for the amino acids –  the major source of amino acids from manufacturers is Keratin, the cheapest source they can find is from hair, nails, claws, and animal fur!!!


My point is next time you run out of protien powder and go back to the store to get more, the salesperson will probably show you something better than ever before!!

HAHA, HAHA, HAHA yeah right!!

It’s the same BS you bought last time but with a different colored label

Check yourself before you wreck yourself (your kidneys and liver will last longer)


Personal Trainer’s number one recommendation: eat more PROTEIN

most my clients DO NOT eat enough protein!!

eat more fish

eat more seeds

eat more nuts

eat more beef

eat more chicken

eat more dairy

eat more cheese

eat more seafood

also eat more bean, legumes soy & grains


I believe you can eat over half your weight in grams of protein: Example you weigh 150lbs you should eat about 80g of protein a day

here are some ideas of how much protein is in some foods we eat

8 ounces milk or yogurt: 8 – 16 grams protein, depending on the type
1/2 cup cooked beans or tofu: 8 grams protein
1 ounce meat/fish/chicken/cheese (the leaner the meat, the more protein and the fewer calories): 7 grams protein
1 large egg: 7 grams protein
1/2 cup cooked or one ounce dry (1 slice bread) grain: 3 grams protein
1/2 cup cooked or one cup raw vegetables: 2 grams protein

if you build more muscle tissue you can burn more calories and fat by increasing your metabolism ( every pound of muscle gain equals about 35-50 calorie burn extra per day).  You need the protein, you need the amino acids (broken down protein) you need to eat more!!!

Also you need to workout, let me know if you need any help




GT Get Fit Tip: Amino Acid’s

All the talk the past few years has been about Carbs (CHO), Sugar & Fat and how much weight we have been gaining.  I do believe as Americans we over consume calories but instead of harping on CHO & Sugar I want to now focus on Amino Acids.

Amino Acids are what you get when break down protein and are essential to the primary functions of human movement and survival.  Amino acids make up 75% of the human body and are essential to nearly every bodily function and chemical reaction that takes place.

There are about 20 amino acids that are found in plants and animals with 8 “essential”  amino acids that the body can’t produce and have t be consumed in the diet.

Some Questions I will answer in the next few posts

  1. What are the 8 essential Amino’s Acids (AA’s)?
  2. Where are the best sources?
  3. What relationship does muscle and amino acids have?
  4. How do AA’s help when I workout?
  5. When is the best time to supplement with AA’s?

GT Get Fit Tip: Carb Balance

Carb balance is key when trying to drop body fat and water retention

The more carbs you eat the more sugar and water your body utilizes for digestion, protein takes longer to digest and the result is amino acids not sugar


So far on the first day of the 10-day food challenge I have had sunflower seeds and 6″ Subway ham – now my carbs are 70%

I’m going to make a correction at 1pm with my snack and try to level my fat and protein to about 30-40% respectively

The human body needs fuel to build your metabolism and make you efficient. More fruits, more vegetables, more seeds and nuts is the key

GT Get Fit Tip: Protein for Breakfast

Green Eggs and Ham

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Green eggs and ham anyone?

Eating more protein for breakfast helps stave off bloating and water retention through out the day.  When people eat a lot carbohydrates your body absorbs water and makes your weight go up.

Carbs and starch are broken down easily and if you have a less physical demanding job then they converted to sugar, cholesterol and stored as fat.

Protein takes more energy to digest and you kick-start your metabolism in the mornings eating eggs, seeds & nuts, bacon, ham and sausage to name a few.  Having a revved up metabolism sorta like an internal furnace keeps you burning the carbs and fat you eat even when your not working out.  When you do hit the right type of workouts you will be burning fat off your body for energy and not the carbs you ate for breakfast.

If you have any good protein breakfast ideas please let me know – i’m hungry

Top 5 foods for Breakfast and fat burning – Get Toned

An egg sandwich on English muffin, sitting in ...

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Breakfast most important meal of the day.

Think of the two words



After rest or sleep (6-8hrs) the body needs “energy” to come alive and be productive.  When you awake after a rest or fast,   the first meal to break that fast needs to be a priority.  The foods you choose should be of high quality carbohydrates, proteins and fats.   Complex carbs are the best choice for slowing digestion and increasing fiber, eat meals high in protein to induce fatty acid mobilization and fat vs carbohydrate burn ratio.  Either way you have to break the fast and eat something.

The body makes glucose or sugar from what we eat and choosing more nutrient dense foods yields better skin, hair, nails and an overall better body.  Males and females require ample amount of glucose to function both mentality and physically, neglecting proper nourishment just might ruin your day.  Moms and Dads both have morning schedules or routines with and without kids so when I assess new clients its never about changing or altering their personal routines, I want them to explore and find new ways to add health foods and fitness to their daily life.  Breakfast is a great place to start.

I have simplified the choices, checkout these favorites, flavor to taste

1. english muffin PB and cheese

2. eggs – cheese

3. turkey bacon

4. oatmeal

5. yogurt/seeds and nuts

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