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Flu shot? this is not for me

I won’t be getting a flu shot this year, this is why


Cost for being healthy according to Obamacare

So how much does it really cost to be healthy?

I believe it only costs you about 30-50mins most days of the week doing some structured physical activity


Why I quit my job

I completed my Masters degree in 2003 and worked at the hospital here in Bowling Green till 2008.  I worked in cardiac rehab where people went to strengthen and rehabilitate after heart surgery.  During my time the heart doctors were performing over 380 open heart surgeries a year which is more than two-a-day sometimes, WOW!!!!

Most of the patients we had were over the age of 55 but some people trickled in under 50yrs old, I’m going all-in to say the younger generation will be having heart attacks and surgery at 35-40yrs because of the lifestyle our “society” has created.

Death in the "USHeart disease is the #1 killer among women and the population of the United States as a whole, more people die from heart problems than cancer & accidents combined.

Looking at the death list again,

  1. heart disease
  2. cancer
  3. stroke
  4. respiratory disease
  5. diabetes

These 5 things are contributed and complicated by OBESITY and the reason I quit my job at the hospital.  I want to help people before they get high blood pressure, before they have open heart surgery, before diabetes & cancer, before they go to the hospital, before they die!!

The only way I know how to help is to educate and show people how, I believe its my responsibility to throw it in your face and help you help yourself!!  Physical activity, eating healthy, and limiting tobacco use are three things we can do to help from having a heart attack, once you commit to my program you will find your own strengths and weakness in life,  you will know what needs to be done to make changes that make a difference to help you fight obesity.

I believe being born and living in KY we are at a disadvantage and already behind the 8-ball.  More premature deaths in our state than most others in the nation and its mainly because of our lifestyle,  education, and income level.  We need change, we need something else to help.  More money is spent on drugs and surgeries than ever before, in my opinion they are just doing a job, another day at work for the Doctors, lawyers & Insurance companies

I am ready to do something different

Lets get to work!!

Trigger points – a typical source for pain

So many people have pain in their neck, arms, shoulder and back.  Most have no idea where it comes from, nor do they care as long as somebody can help alleviate the pain they feel

Desk jockeys, physical labor, and plain sedentary activity can cause trigger points to flare, usually exercise, stretching or massage therapy can help, make no mistake pain is not normal and if you  can identify with this chart there is help available

Your doctor says to exercise, so what?

so what? go sew buttons on your underwear is what I was told!

Something I been thinking about, I had a surgeon who once worked out with me & when ObamaCare was being talked about he kinda took offense to it.

His point on Obesity was that surgeons or “doctors” would get to the point to where they won’t admit or even call on obese patients bc of the liability of them not taking initiative and following through with their care plan. The way I understood his argument was that the new plan was to pay healthcare providers based on performance or outcomes of the treatment groups. He didn’t like this idea and I could see his frustration

So ObamaCare has tentatively passed and now the fun begins!! I welcome this new age of “care” bc in my opinion Kentucky needs a change from the past – our kids, cancer, education, obesity, heart disease and premature death are the worst in the country and we need CHANGE!! Some of the hospitals may not want you but I do

So to all of you that your doctor said to exercise, I AM READY FOR THIS!!
Are you?

Doctor’s Drugs – letter to China

Neurobiologists Dr Daniel Kirsch speaks to Chinese doctors in Sichuan, China about Western Medicine practice and his opinion of treatments

This is a copy of the talk


I BELIEVE every word he says

No pills, no powders, no gimmicks #gettoned2011

Two Lassa Witch Doctors

Image via Wikipedia

Do you know what your MED’s for exercise are?  I am not referring to what you get from the Doctors office, I am talking about MED’s or the “minimum effective dose” of exercise.

What is the minimum effort or time you can devote to yourself and body for better health and well-being?

24hrs in a day

-8hrs sleep

-8hrs work

That amount or number can vary from person to person but what I want to emphasize there is a significant amount of times you can show up for exercise/workouts to see results.  A number that could equal 4-15 sessions a month.

Exercise is Medicine and just by starting the process of being mindful of what you eat and have more total body awareness about how you think, act and feel you will be on your way to a  healthy lifestyle you can maintain.

No pills, no powders, no gimmicks

Homemade Medicine Ball workout from @DwNuckols

Homemade Medicine Ball- make one for as little as 10 bucks and weighs about 20 pounds. Do about 25 reps and 25 squats with it.

Video post from Sam 100.7  @tonyroseshow

Results: Blisters or not

F 40+yrs down 25lbs - @gettonedfitness

She came in and rowed 2500m on a active/rest day, popped the blister and back for workout #4 this wk – #gettoned

Your Drs and therapists don’t want you to get better, but your trainer does.

Your Drs and therapists don’t want you to get better.  It’s not good for business, if they cured you in one hour you would never need a follow-up or take home pills.

For instance, if you have high blood pressure your doctor will give you a pill ending in ” -pril ”  or an ace inhibitor type drug that will lower your blood pressure or BP.  Think you may suffer from depression, anxiety, or ADD?  Go to a therapist and they will prescribe uppers, downers  or the baby boomer favorite “Mary Jane” or medicinal pot.  Seriously?

We are very lucky to have such wonderful technology and advancement in medicine.   We have excellent doctors and therapists too, my point is from a professional service or business they make  $money$ seeing you repeatedly versus curing you the first visit.  They bill by how long it takes to treat you not because of the awesome value they offer or the  end result (which is what you came to buy).  If their service is prolonged  and you keep making appointments then they can build a clientale and sound business model at a lower price on the office call or visit over time.

Really you want less anxiety and lower BP so your doctor and therapists should tell you they charge $2500 (or what their reputation could sell) for your problem whether it took 3 days or 3 years.  After great service you would be very happy to recommend family and friends, they would get clients, have reputable customer service and of course more money.

Read the newspaper?  USA Today

Ideally, Smits says, depressed or anxious people would get written exercise prescriptions, complete with suggested “doses” and strategies for getting started and sticking with the program.  “Most physicians and therapists are aware of the effects,” says Chad Rethorst, a researcher at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas. “But they may not be comfortable prescribing it.”

Read the whole article, it’s about the benefits of exercise.

I hope next you think about making an appointment for a professional service that you consider asking if they sell time or solutions? Seriously!! Thanks Simon Sinek

Obesity is the one thing you can control about yourself with the proper education and professional service.  Check your medications and compare side effects and cross reference the money you spend versus how much your overweight(BMI + 25).  The savings in food costs alone will make a huge difference in spending not to mention the health benefits you gain by getting rid of 80% of your medication side effects because of what you weighed and how it affected your life.  Don’t forget, over eating is a choice.

Get up, Get Fit – All of Us can, if You will

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