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Why I quit my job

I completed my Masters degree in 2003 and worked at the hospital here in Bowling Green till 2008.  I worked in cardiac rehab where people went to strengthen and rehabilitate after heart surgery.  During my time the heart doctors were performing over 380 open heart surgeries a year which is more than two-a-day sometimes, WOW!!!!

Most of the patients we had were over the age of 55 but some people trickled in under 50yrs old, I’m going all-in to say the younger generation will be having heart attacks and surgery at 35-40yrs because of the lifestyle our “society” has created.

Death in the "USHeart disease is the #1 killer among women and the population of the United States as a whole, more people die from heart problems than cancer & accidents combined.

Looking at the death list again,

  1. heart disease
  2. cancer
  3. stroke
  4. respiratory disease
  5. diabetes

These 5 things are contributed and complicated by OBESITY and the reason I quit my job at the hospital.  I want to help people before they get high blood pressure, before they have open heart surgery, before diabetes & cancer, before they go to the hospital, before they die!!

The only way I know how to help is to educate and show people how, I believe its my responsibility to throw it in your face and help you help yourself!!  Physical activity, eating healthy, and limiting tobacco use are three things we can do to help from having a heart attack, once you commit to my program you will find your own strengths and weakness in life,  you will know what needs to be done to make changes that make a difference to help you fight obesity.

I believe being born and living in KY we are at a disadvantage and already behind the 8-ball.  More premature deaths in our state than most others in the nation and its mainly because of our lifestyle,  education, and income level.  We need change, we need something else to help.  More money is spent on drugs and surgeries than ever before, in my opinion they are just doing a job, another day at work for the Doctors, lawyers & Insurance companies

I am ready to do something different

Lets get to work!!

No pills, no powders, no gimmicks #gettoned2011

Two Lassa Witch Doctors

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Do you know what your MED’s for exercise are?  I am not referring to what you get from the Doctors office, I am talking about MED’s or the “minimum effective dose” of exercise.

What is the minimum effort or time you can devote to yourself and body for better health and well-being?

24hrs in a day

-8hrs sleep

-8hrs work

That amount or number can vary from person to person but what I want to emphasize there is a significant amount of times you can show up for exercise/workouts to see results.  A number that could equal 4-15 sessions a month.

Exercise is Medicine and just by starting the process of being mindful of what you eat and have more total body awareness about how you think, act and feel you will be on your way to a  healthy lifestyle you can maintain.

No pills, no powders, no gimmicks

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