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Your doctor says to exercise, so what?

so what? go sew buttons on your underwear is what I was told!

Something I been thinking about, I had a surgeon who once worked out with me & when ObamaCare was being talked about he kinda took offense to it.

His point on Obesity was that surgeons or “doctors” would get to the point to where they won’t admit or even call on obese patients bc of the liability of them not taking initiative and following through with their care plan. The way I understood his argument was that the new plan was to pay healthcare providers based on performance or outcomes of the treatment groups. He didn’t like this idea and I could see his frustration

So ObamaCare has tentatively passed and now the fun begins!! I welcome this new age of “care” bc in my opinion Kentucky needs a change from the past – our kids, cancer, education, obesity, heart disease and premature death are the worst in the country and we need CHANGE!! Some of the hospitals may not want you but I do

So to all of you that your doctor said to exercise, I AM READY FOR THIS!!
Are you?

Suffer from Obesity?

On overweight man's waistline.

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If you have a loved one that suffers from Obesity, reach out and encourage them to make change.

Being just 10lbs overweight can have detrimental effects on the body.

It’s better to give them some tough love now, bc it’s even tougher to love them when they are gone

Obesity KILLS!!

Obesity killed my Dad

R.I.P. David Nuckols August 7th 1954- April 29th 2008

My father David Nuckols died 6yrs ago today from the complications of Obesity.  He was 54 yrs old and 65lbs overweight a Type II Diabetic with a fused or repaired spine from a previous  car injury.  He suffered from heartburn and gout because of what he ate, not to mention the sleep apnea, restless leg syndrome and lower hormone levels all due to the fact that he was too damn FAT!!

He couldn’t run on the treadmill because his back hurt, so he opted for bicycle riding/training.  My dad joined the local bike club and they would ride a couple hundred miles a week for health & fitness.  This was his second year so he had some riding experience but was still impaired because of his excess weight.

April 29, 2008 Tues  afternoon a dog ran in the road and into his path, he flipped the bicycle and landed on his head.  He landed so hard and the extra weight from his body frame caused a brain stem hemorrhage that separated his brain from the spinal cord.  He realistically died on the spot but was in a coma,  after the “dog and pony show” throughout the night at the emergency room, we finally pulled the life support plug the following afternoon a 2pm.  The hardest decision I ever made in my life.

I had just opened my fitness business in March and he only got to visit once before his tragic death in April.  I have since devoted my career and life mission to teach people about the effects of Obesity and the damage it does to those people who are obese and their family that loves them.  No ones life should be cut short because they are too fat and no spouse, child, mother, father should suffer either.


Obesity is a disease, a killer, and disrespectful to yourself and your loved ones.  You can control what you eat and maintain a standard of health about yourself with the proper education and professional services.  If your Obesity causes health problems like hypertension, diabetes, and bone/joint problems then seek medical or professional help.

Check your medications and compare side effects to cross reference the money you spend versus how much your overweight (BMI + 25).  The savings in food costs alone will make a huge difference in your bank account plus the health benefits you gain by losing deathly fat weight and getting rid of 80% of the medication side effects and emotional problems that can affect your life.  I am serious when I say Obesity kills, but I am a fighter, and I will help others fight this epidemic as well.  Over eating is a choice.

Get up, Get Fit, Get Toned – All of Us can, if You will


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