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100 Foods to help YOU #GETTONED

Here is a great list of everyday foods that you can get at the store to that will add some energy and production to your day.

If you are planning a trip to the grocery take a minute to pick some items from this list to improve digestion, sleep, blood pressure, brain energy and avoid colds and boost immune system.

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Your Drs and therapists don’t want you to get better, but your trainer does.

Your Drs and therapists don’t want you to get better.  It’s not good for business, if they cured you in one hour you would never need a follow-up or take home pills.

For instance, if you have high blood pressure your doctor will give you a pill ending in ” -pril ”  or an ace inhibitor type drug that will lower your blood pressure or BP.  Think you may suffer from depression, anxiety, or ADD?  Go to a therapist and they will prescribe uppers, downers  or the baby boomer favorite “Mary Jane” or medicinal pot.  Seriously?

We are very lucky to have such wonderful technology and advancement in medicine.   We have excellent doctors and therapists too, my point is from a professional service or business they make  $money$ seeing you repeatedly versus curing you the first visit.  They bill by how long it takes to treat you not because of the awesome value they offer or the  end result (which is what you came to buy).  If their service is prolonged  and you keep making appointments then they can build a clientale and sound business model at a lower price on the office call or visit over time.

Really you want less anxiety and lower BP so your doctor and therapists should tell you they charge $2500 (or what their reputation could sell) for your problem whether it took 3 days or 3 years.  After great service you would be very happy to recommend family and friends, they would get clients, have reputable customer service and of course more money.

Read the newspaper?  USA Today

Ideally, Smits says, depressed or anxious people would get written exercise prescriptions, complete with suggested “doses” and strategies for getting started and sticking with the program.  “Most physicians and therapists are aware of the effects,” says Chad Rethorst, a researcher at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas. “But they may not be comfortable prescribing it.”

Read the whole article, it’s about the benefits of exercise.

I hope next you think about making an appointment for a professional service that you consider asking if they sell time or solutions? Seriously!! Thanks Simon Sinek

Obesity is the one thing you can control about yourself with the proper education and professional service.  Check your medications and compare side effects and cross reference the money you spend versus how much your overweight(BMI + 25).  The savings in food costs alone will make a huge difference in spending not to mention the health benefits you gain by getting rid of 80% of your medication side effects because of what you weighed and how it affected your life.  Don’t forget, over eating is a choice.

Get up, Get Fit – All of Us can, if You will

Homeostasis – listen to your body talk

Testing the blood glucose level yourself

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Same, similar. Thats homeostasis. Thats what your body wants and does.

98.6 body temp

120/80 blood pressure

Blood Glucose (sugar)

2  REM cycles

Body weight

All the above are just numbers or guidelines that have shown to be optimal for our Human body.  There are others as well but I want to focus on these.

98.6 Body Temp helps to fight infection, just as important its optimal prime for organ function.  The more variation of hot & cold temperatures we impose can directly effect our organ function and be detrimental to life.  The better conditioned or healthier bodies can withstand more fluctuation in body temperature.

120/80 has said to be optimal BP since they started practicing medicine long ago.  When I worked in the hospital I felt the  140/90 suggestion was a business decision to capture more low dose practices.  Good news is a minimal 20 minutes of brisk walking or stair climbing most days of the week is the recommendation for heart health, thats it.  Now go tell granny.

Blood sugar has to be in balance.  When sugar levels are high for 5-8 yrs (kids & adults) it can damage the small blood vessels in our organs and tissues.  So that pretty much means every place in your body I can think of.  Something will break down eventually.  What we eat and how much we exercise will determine what blood glucose level we maintain. What did you do today?

2 REM cycles or 8 hours of sleep.  Rapid Eye Movement is a must for a good nights sleep and the brain enjoys 2 cycles each cycle lasting around 4hrs.  Dreaming is very important to the human psyche.  The brain by the way, is the most complex study on this Earth.  We can poke and prod but the more scientists learn how it works and connects, the more questions they ask each other.

Body Weight.  For every height, there is an optimal weight that correlates to health.  A human skeletal frame can only support so much mass.  MASS is fat as well as muscle when we talk about total weight.  People say what about athletes? Look at the ones that die during competition, if you look at their height most are more muscular than the average person.  My mission when I train people is to attack the fat!!  You are born with fat cells, how full they are and what you weigh can be manipulated.

You and your body’s ability to keep these 5 health variables in homeostasis is important to your mental, physical, social, and spiritual well-being.  Which leads to my definition of health, the mental, physical, social and spiritual balance of well-being as we know it.  If your balance tips, so does your life.  Ask your personal physician, trainer, or healthcare provider their definition of health.  Their response just might surprise you.

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