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What people don’t realize about cardio, New Years workouts

end of the month finishing up with Burprees and Press Challenge – it has been a progressive challenge this month and all around and I am very happy with everybody’s effort – I have been talking about the holiday foods and eating too much since Nov 1st and when you put in a great month of training with more weights and cardio like we have been doing then you really get to utilize that extra food energy and build your metabolism which will be very important when we get to May June and July bc then you get to show yourself off!! So while all the whimps are complaining about how fat and miserable they are the next two months and not working out or eating like they should, you don’t have to say anything to them

JUST FLEX and they will get the point

What does a food label really say? Why don’t we just talk about it

We all look at food labels before we buy a product (if you don’t I hope you will start) but what does it really say?

When I go to the grocery I always look at the labels and check

  1. total calories
  2. calories per serving
  3. protein grams
  4. Carb grams
  5. Sodium

I always always always look and read the label in that order then based on the price per serving decide if I want to buy it or not.  Now some of that has changed since I became a family man but I will never buy something that I don’t know what its made of

To take it one step further if you look at the ingredients of the product, the first substance listed is what is most abundant, the last substance is the least.  Most of the time there are a lot of acids, alcohols, and starches

We are wanting to do a class on “Food Labels”  Dec 10th 6pm here at the studio.  We will have some speakers on chemistry and some clients of mine who have learned as they go about reading and eating food in the grocery

Please join us for a talk and workout if you are interested, bring a friend or two and we will have a great evening learning and working out

Personal Trainer’s number one recommendation: eat more PROTEIN

most my clients DO NOT eat enough protein!!

eat more fish

eat more seeds

eat more nuts

eat more beef

eat more chicken

eat more dairy

eat more cheese

eat more seafood

also eat more bean, legumes soy & grains


I believe you can eat over half your weight in grams of protein: Example you weigh 150lbs you should eat about 80g of protein a day

here are some ideas of how much protein is in some foods we eat

8 ounces milk or yogurt: 8 – 16 grams protein, depending on the type
1/2 cup cooked beans or tofu: 8 grams protein
1 ounce meat/fish/chicken/cheese (the leaner the meat, the more protein and the fewer calories): 7 grams protein
1 large egg: 7 grams protein
1/2 cup cooked or one ounce dry (1 slice bread) grain: 3 grams protein
1/2 cup cooked or one cup raw vegetables: 2 grams protein

if you build more muscle tissue you can burn more calories and fat by increasing your metabolism ( every pound of muscle gain equals about 35-50 calorie burn extra per day).  You need the protein, you need the amino acids (broken down protein) you need to eat more!!!

Also you need to workout, let me know if you need any help




We are what we eat

Being a personal trainer my main focus and most enjoyment comes from doing workouts and helping people build strength and confidence in their own body and abilities.

On the flip side you can’t workout good and eat bad, nutrition is paramount in everything we do.  You can’t outwork a bad diet, if you don’t eat right you wont maximize gains/

Taking a positive approach let me say that the eating part for me is the easiest, but for most my clients it’s where they fall short and have the biggest problem.

If we eat too much or too little our body will store fat.  Eat more calories and lift weights the body will want to build muscle. Skip meals & you increase cortisol production and store more body fat. Eat light & often you can keep your thermogenic burn going and keep your metabolism revved up throughout the day.

The trick is then to eat lite, eat often with lean high quality protein, fruits & vegetables, seeds and nuts with good fats

We are what we eat, What are you?

How many calories should I eat a day?

How many calories a day?

One of the most popular questions I get daily

I say every human needs to consume around 1800-2200 calories a day to live.  If you are a smaller person you can eat less, if you are a bigger person eat more, if you are highly active person eat more as well.

A quick and easy way to estimate this daily caloric need is to divide your weight in kilograms (bodyweight/2.2) multiply by 35 and minus 550

I weigh about 165lbs/2.2  = 75kg  *35  = 2625calories    -550  = 2075 daily calories

My calorie goal is 2075

You have to move to burn calories, you have to eat well to burn body fat, then rest and repeat



Fitness Apps and setting your calorie goal

I am seeing people setting their calorie goals to low and there needs to be corrections made




Eating food does not make you fat

Eating too much food makes you fat.

Looking at the weather app this morning it was about 27 Fahrenheit, one of the coldest days this fall, when I feel this cold air on my face and body I get this funny feeling I WANT TO EAT!!

I believe that humans on Earth that experience seasonal changes like summer, spring, fall & winter will naturally have the propensity to want to forge and eat more food coming out of fall and into winter.  .

Second helpings, more trips at the drive-thru, plus office cookies, cakes, and pot-lucks (don’t forget about that candy in your purse from Halloween) these are easy all places to get more calories.  We take all these opportunities to eat because are body is telling us to eat so it can make more fat.

We need fat for organ function first and foremost.  Our body also uses fat to protect & insulate our organs so having fat around your vital organs or stomach is inevitable.

It all boils back down to how many calories you eat in a day – the average human needs about 1800-2200 kcals of food a day to maintain weight.  Every 3500 kcals you burn you will lose one pound of fat and thats what we want, we want to BURN fat.

The holidays are fast approaching, you will either gain or lose weight, YOU have a choice.

Questions or comments?  Let me know how I can help

Politicians and broken promises

I Voted

I Voted (Photo credit: yaquina)

I hope you make it out to vote today

Even more, I hope that you don’t vote for and get a bunch of broken promises for your effort

Something I have been saying since I moved to Bowling Green in 1998, I am going to run for Mayor 2016, my name will be on the ballot in 2016, that I promise!!

Another promise I am making to all my clients and standing by is that for the next 16 days (including Mon) it is my mission to help you this Thanksgiving be one you can enjoy without feeling guilty or being hard on yourself.

The next 16 days of workouts I am certain you will burn at least 600-800 calories a workout, if you just show up & complete the structured exercises you will have burned all the calories you can eat for a bountiful thanksgiving dinner.

The average person eats a total of 5000-6000 calories all day on Thanksgiving & You have the opportunity to burn around 7ooo calories showing up and doing about 9 workouts till Thurs

That is something you can count on and believe!!

Feast or Famine for Thanksgiving

We are starting are Thanksgiving workouts now, I want to help you burn the calories from dinner before you ever sit down to eat!!

Here are some numbers I found to put things in perspective for you (


The amount of calories an average woman needs each day

The amount of calories an average man needs each day

The estimated amount of calories in a typical Thanksgiving meal, including turkey, side dishes, and dessert

5,000 to 6,000
The estimated amount of calories people consume throughout Thanksgiving Day — roughly triple the recommended daily intake

The amount of calories in an average serving of a traditionally prepared Thanksgiving turkey

Grams of fat in an average serving of a traditionally prepared Thanksgiving turkey

The amount of calories in a softball-sized serving of stuffing

Grams of fat in a softball-sized serving of stuffing, or “the amount of fat you’d gobble up in a large, fast food serving of french fries,” says Darlene Zimmerman at the Detroit Free Press

The amount of calories in a small, lightbulb-sized slice of pumpkin pie

The amount of calories in a small, lightbulb-sized slice of pecan pie

Calories in a typical three-ounce glass of red wine

The amount of calories needed for the body to create one extra pound of fat

500 to 700
Calories that healthy dieters should aim for in their Thanksgiving meal, as recommended by health experts at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center

The number of minutes it takes for a 150-pound person to burn 500 calories by jogging at a moderate pace, according to

Sources: Boston GlobeDetroit Free PressLivestrong.comLA Times,Las Vegas Review JournalNaturally SavvyShape


Requirements for results


How do you burn more body fat and lose extra weight?

You need Commitment, Consistency & Courage

Speaking of courage, Sept 11 firefighters always come to mind, it takes about 20 calories to walk a flight of stairs (13 steps)   Add 75lbs of gear and the calorie uptake is almost 100kcals.

To rush a burning building with people jumping out of windows because of the heat is freighting,  it takes courage to face that kind of danger.

Courage is needed to face everyday people, courage is needed to face society, courage I have also found is needed to weigh, measure and make good food choices.

Commitment, consistency and courage are all needed to make a difference

What do you want to change?


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