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Is that why “red meat” is bad for you?

Raw Ground beef

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When’s the last time you ate a fast food burger?  Are you waiting for ground beef to go on sale at the grocery?  Did your kiddos eat at the school cafeteria , have you checked the menu lately?

“Pink Slime” is whats being served in most school districts.  The slime is essentially the glue holding the meat together.  Its not really glue but it can’t be much worse!!

Saving THREE CENTS a pound off production costs and making $440 million/year in revenue the FDA has allowed the beef industry use fatty slaughterhouse trimmings treated with ammonia as a filler in ground beef.

Is that why some critics say that “red meat” is bad for you?

In January fast food restaurants stopped serving pink slime, I wonder what Bowling Green schools serve, does anybody know?

Here is a quick newscast from Denver I found about the pink slime zqak7r04

Ammonia-Treated Pink Slime Now in Most U.S. Ground Beef

Safety of Beef Processing Method Is Questioned

Pregnant with TWINS? 5 things you must do!

fraternal twins

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The number of twins born in the United States has more than doubled since 1980 with about 140,000 sets of twins born in 2008, its becoming more common.

Personal trainers have to take special considerations with pregnant females when administering exercises and when you deal with twins you have double the pleasure.

5 things you must do when pregnant with TWINS:

  1. Stay HYDRATED – consume 100+ ounces of water a day.  When dehydration occurs your blood can become thick and harder to pump which can induce contractions and the onset of preterm labor
  2. Increase Calories during the day – don’t starve yourself you are eating for 3 now – increase your calorie intake around 400-600 calories.  Eat up but make healthy choices bc you don’t want to add extra processed foods or chemicals
  3. Not Exercise TOO MUCH – a little exercise is good, but a lot is not better!!  Get with a certified personal trainer to construct a personal workout you can do – 15-30mins activity is best but not too strenuous, you want to strengthen your joints, not over work them bc extra bodyweight will come
  4. NOT Party Hard – be a tiny dancer.  Don’t jump shake your booty and slam beers down at the club – Alcohol is not good for a developing fetus – violators should be SHOT
  5. Stay away from the litter boxcats can carry a disease called toxoplasmosis that can cause birth defects.  Get the babies daddy for this one

Avoiding Childhood Obesity (BG Parent Magazine)

Here are 5 proven ways to promote health and wellness
in your family. Give yourself and your family the chance to
adjust and make plans as you go. Encourage every member
to provide input and be a part of something that is positive
and benefits the family as a whole.

Be the Example
Time after work should incorporate leisure activities outside of the home. Get MOTIVATED, incorporate structured physical activities like sports or exercise. Join a gym or go to the park for a nature walk. Take advantage of the local parks. Kereiakes, Preston Miller, Roland Bland and H.P. Thomas, as well as Lost River Cave & Valley all offer walking or nature trails. This is a fun and free way to promote exercise within your family.

Don’t use Food as a Reward
Success of a measured outcome deserves parental acknowledgement but that reward does not have to encompass food. Take kids to a movie or add up points for a favorite vacation destination.

Limit Tv, Game, Cell Phone, and Computer Time
Spending excessive amounts of time in front of the TV or computer can lead to mindless snacking causing weight gain and weight-related health problems. Try to make it a rule to eat all meals and snacks while sitting at the table.

Teach your Kids to Cook
Show them what is included in a healthy meal and how to incorporate fruits, vegetables, whole grains and lean meats. Teach children what foods are healthy and allowed to eat; not what is forbidden!

Family Time
Parents that are too tried after work to provide a nutritious meal for their family will often resort to restaurants. While dining out, it is hard to control portion size when you are paying top dollar for a plate of food. Preparing meals at home not only provides balanced nutrients but also can be a way to promote family time and enjoy the opportunity to get involved in your children’s lives.

Obesity kills, help stop obesity related diseases in Kentucky. All of us can if you will. For more information or to find out where I am training feel free to contact me by email at:

About the author
David has made physical fitness and healthy living a lifelong quest. He is the owner of a local fitness studio in Bowling Green. He holds a M.S. in Exercise Science from WKU and has been certified by the American College of Sports Medicine.

This makes me Hungry – Anorexia Kills




100 Foods to help YOU #GETTONED

Here is a great list of everyday foods that you can get at the store to that will add some energy and production to your day.

If you are planning a trip to the grocery take a minute to pick some items from this list to improve digestion, sleep, blood pressure, brain energy and avoid colds and boost immune system.

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Healthy F Words

Healthy F Words

From Dr. Oz

Fiber, flaxseed and FITNESS are some of Dr. Oz’s favorite words –

Can u guess any others?

Vitamin D: What do we need vitamin D for?

Taken by Hinode's Solar Optical Telescope on J...

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New talk for people that care

Start taking some Vitamin D – it does a body good

What do we need vitamin D for?

Thoughts on Fitness

-Being consistent over time is what matters most in fitness – not what you did 3 days ago.

-You can’t fall off the wagon if you were never moving in the first place

-Don’t put other people over yourself when you’re the one that hurts most

-You can make excuses and be miserable with what life hands you

– or Live to Give

IGOT SOME if You Need it

IPhone App: Fooducate comes to U.S. – Smart Shoppers Know

Example of an American grocery store aisle.

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If your like me when you go to the grocery you stop and compare every ingredient in every product to make sure your making the best decision.  It’s kinda a p.i.t.a. but its this little complex I have about food.

I never use a shopping cart and I only buy to eat what I can carry in a hand basket.  It kills me to see 175lbs plus Moms walking through the cookie aisle with a shopping cart full of stuff and two overweight children looking for more!!!

I don’t have children but I do have a solution to some shopping drama – with FOODUCATE I can scan the barcode of the product and use the nutrition information to make better choices.


This app is perfect for people counting calories, watching sugar or fats and triglycerides.  Best thing this app is free and you can click the link below for some more information.

Get up, Get fit, GET TONED!!

Worst Light Beer: #20 in America


Samuel Adams (beer)

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Sam Adams Light

124 calories
9.7 g carbs

Light beers range from 95 to 110 kcals , but Sam Adams Light has 124.

This light beer is not so light, if you want a lager beer go for a regular Guinness Draught for just one more calorie.

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