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No Oprah – Don’t get Sad, Get Toned

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Oprah is no longer on t.v. now so that 4pm time slot means a lot of people will have nothing to watch.  My hope is that instead they will want to get up and burn some extra calories.

Millions of people watched her show through the years and I myself have seen a few episodes, particularly the ones about health and exercise.   I have learned from Dr. Oz and like Bob Green as well.  Oprah has had her own battles with weight and calls it being a FOOD ADDICT – that makes sense to me

ADDICT – to become physiologically or psychologically dependent on an addictive  substance

I see people that use food for comfort all the time, seems to be a control issue thing.  I am not a psychologists so I have no real understanding, only my observations.  I do believe shows like Oprah help people see and understand weight loss, my hope is that the cable company replaces 4pm with some quality programming that people can learn from and not mindless entertainment.

Check out Oprah’s Weight Loss Journey Through the Years

Healthy F Words

Healthy F Words

From Dr. Oz

Fiber, flaxseed and FITNESS are some of Dr. Oz’s favorite words –

Can u guess any others?

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