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Morning weigh in – watch the weight

I weigh every single morning almost

Mom’s gain baby weight during pregnancy and so do Dads

I have video proof

Holiday Food Drive and a Sponsored Family – Meals Inc and Family Enrichment Center

Starting Dec 1st we will be out with The Montessori School of BG collecting food, toys and donations for the Family Enrichment Center and Meals Inc.

Meals Inc.  is a group of local Bowling Green churches that deliver hot meals and food every Saturday to less fortunate families and neighborhoods.  The Family Enrichment Center  helps to empower families and prevent child abuse by providing education, social support, crisis intervention, and a safe environment for children and their families.

They have designated to us a specific family

Single Mom – 3 kids

Kayla 16 – wish is for shoes and anything “zebra”striped

Lilly – 2yrs she wears 2T pants and shirts, size 7 shoe, Barney, Spongebob, and coloring

Shaun – 7mo wears 9-12mo clothes likes Elmo, books, and blocks

We are want to collect a few toys, clothes and donations for the kids and all food for Meals Inc.  We will pick-up and deliver all donations from your business or you can drop by the studio if you please.

Thank you very much for taking the time to give above and beyond this Christmas Season

Group/Individual $$ Donations

  1. $25

  2. $50

  3. $100

GT Get Fit Tip: How Do I Lose This Baby Weight?

Michelin Baby

Image by bespoke via Flickr

After 9 months of carrying a baby things will take time to get back to normal.  It takes about 4 weeks for the uterus to shrink back to normal size while losing 8-20lbs of extra fluid.  Once the fluid is gone, whats left is the extra FAT gained during pregnancy.

Trying to get back to the gym can sound like a good idea but things are hectic with newborns; time constraints, crazy schedule, guilt and mood swings can all make it difficult to make workouts.

Don’t sweat it, keep it simple and  focus on what’s important like nutrition, your baby, and rest.  Find a support group of like-minded people (neighbors, church, friends) to get ideas and help from, you’ll be surprised how creative other moms can become with little children.  If you can’t dedicate a trip to the gym, think about splitting workouts up into small segments of time, 10mins is better than a big O!!

Don’t get overwhelmed and worried about a few extra pounds of fat, keep things simple and relax, you have just brought a new living being into this world and now is the time to enjoy what you have created.

If you do need extra support or workout ideas please let me know, I have an infant/crawler workout for moms called BABY WEIGHTS I would love for you to join us.

Pregnant with TWINS? 5 things you must do!

fraternal twins

Image via Wikipedia

The number of twins born in the United States has more than doubled since 1980 with about 140,000 sets of twins born in 2008, its becoming more common.

Personal trainers have to take special considerations with pregnant females when administering exercises and when you deal with twins you have double the pleasure.

5 things you must do when pregnant with TWINS:

  1. Stay HYDRATED – consume 100+ ounces of water a day.  When dehydration occurs your blood can become thick and harder to pump which can induce contractions and the onset of preterm labor
  2. Increase Calories during the day – don’t starve yourself you are eating for 3 now – increase your calorie intake around 400-600 calories.  Eat up but make healthy choices bc you don’t want to add extra processed foods or chemicals
  3. Not Exercise TOO MUCH – a little exercise is good, but a lot is not better!!  Get with a certified personal trainer to construct a personal workout you can do – 15-30mins activity is best but not too strenuous, you want to strengthen your joints, not over work them bc extra bodyweight will come
  4. NOT Party Hard – be a tiny dancer.  Don’t jump shake your booty and slam beers down at the club – Alcohol is not good for a developing fetus – violators should be SHOT
  5. Stay away from the litter boxcats can carry a disease called toxoplasmosis that can cause birth defects.  Get the babies daddy for this one

A Workout for your kids and Bowling Green Parent Magazine

This Thurs 9-16-10 at GT Fitness Studio there is a photographer coming to take pictures for the new Bowling Green Parent Magazine due out October.

I need those of you that are interested to come d0 a workout today with me, Jessie and your kids.

I have the most kids participating in my program than ever before and I’m so excited and thankful you parents are starting to include your kids.

Those of you that have brought your children before or just want to see whats going on please come on out and be a part of it.

(We will not be serving punch and cookies)

baseball and soccer 14-15yr olds getting some core trainingEthan he trains for kids triathlons (just like his Dad)

Kyle 15yr old swimmer working legs for push off the starting blocksMax - holds the overall record for 32mins rowed in one session (in football pants)

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