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GT Fitness – 3 Rules for Weight loss – Get Toned

If your goal is to lose weight, particularly Fat weight then remember these 3 rules

1. Body Awareness
2. Metabolism
3. Measured Results

You won’t know where you’re going if you don’t know where you’ve been

1. Body awareness – being accountable for what you put in and take away from your body

2. Metabolism – your body’s ability to burn Fat, Sugars & Carbohydrates

3. Measured Results – you have to measure your body and training program every 4-6wks to track progress and make the essential changes that are needed to progress & achieve your desired goals

Size Really Does Matter

Those that come to the studio know I talk a lot, and lately I been talking about building our metabolism through weight training, the most important thing you can do to lose 10lbs.

The more lean tissue your body has (the red part) the higher your metabolism the more fat you burn, its hard to build muscle running a lot of miles or doing hrs of cardio.

YOU have  to lift weights!!

A picture is worth a 1000 words

Breakfast fit for Uncle Hershel

-found this about breakfast

– its important to eat something in the morning

– “break” the “fast”


last supper

my last supper tonight before the food challenge is my favorite mashed potatoes – with baked spicy chicken and asparagus

I will be using the “lose it” app and “food burner” app to track my calories

I’m weighing In at 161 and 13% body fat – my goal in 10 days is 155 and 8-10% body fat

We have 25 people signed in and ready to go – I am very excited to get the results – I will post them soon

Any suggestions or questions please let me know, the 10 day food challenge is a great place for anybody to help start burning body fat

Is that why “red meat” is bad for you?

Raw Ground beef

Image via Wikipedia

When’s the last time you ate a fast food burger?  Are you waiting for ground beef to go on sale at the grocery?  Did your kiddos eat at the school cafeteria , have you checked the menu lately?

“Pink Slime” is whats being served in most school districts.  The slime is essentially the glue holding the meat together.  Its not really glue but it can’t be much worse!!

Saving THREE CENTS a pound off production costs and making $440 million/year in revenue the FDA has allowed the beef industry use fatty slaughterhouse trimmings treated with ammonia as a filler in ground beef.

Is that why some critics say that “red meat” is bad for you?

In January fast food restaurants stopped serving pink slime, I wonder what Bowling Green schools serve, does anybody know?

Here is a quick newscast from Denver I found about the pink slime zqak7r04

Ammonia-Treated Pink Slime Now in Most U.S. Ground Beef

Safety of Beef Processing Method Is Questioned

Best Workout for Your Body Type Example

I found this on Tumblr

Toys in Fast Food meals BANNED in Bowling Green – Yes or No?

Some health officials and fitness experts are wanting to make policy to ban restaurants from including toys in meals that have more than 485 kcals or 600 mg of sodium, and meals that have more than 35% of total kcals from Fat or 10% from added sugar.

They would also make restaurants include  low-fat milk and 100% fruit juice options instead of chocolate milk and sugary juices.

I personally am in favor of making healthy options available but I wouldn’t consider a “ban” instead they could eliminate unhealthy options with no toys in favor of the healthy choices with toys?

This is America #dowhatyoulike

How bout them apples?

Back Pain Relief – Transverse Abdominis Workout

Back pain is caused when the lumbar push against the nerves that run through the spine.

Some of the most common causes of PAIN are

34 week twin belly picture

The irritation and inflammation is sometimes so brutal tha people will resort to narcotics and their side effects just to get through the day.

I recommended stretching and losing weight first, but for most strengthening the transverse abdominis is a great place to start.

Transversus       abdominus from the front

Think back to Dolly, the TA is what wraps around your stomach and helps you squeeze in and out when you breathe and sing.  The TA supports the spine and helps keep it erect and intact while the body is torqued or put under physical stress throughout the day.

Back pain is not normal so if you break it down to the cause you help build from the source up.  Try these simple exercises for starters

also watch : HARD (but correct) way to do PLANKS

The quantified self: Gary Wolf

The future is now – using “chips” to improve your LIFE?

5min video

Body scale – tracks your weight using WiFi Internet

Image via Wikipedia

Track your weight with WiFi using this scale and a smart phone.  Everytime you weigh it downloads  your weight and keeps track of it.

  1. out of sight out of mind – still weigh and forget about
  2. Affordable: $160
  3. GREAT for the “Public Humiliation Diet” (a weight-loss program which enlists one’s friends and sometimes the public at large in keeping a dieter on track)
  4. Practical – I have to justify my purchases and this makes since to me

There you go – I am seriously considering buying one for the studio.

watch the demo here

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