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GT Fitness studio hours

as of now Jan 2014 we have a morning session 7am-10am, evening session 3pm-7pm and a Mon Wed Fri 630pm session – there are no appointments, JUST SHOW UP!!

If you have any more questions please comment below

The human brain and sets of three’s

Our brain likes to see and hear things in 3’s

3 Wise Men

Three blind mice, 3 little pigs, 3 billy goats gruff

red, yellow, green stoplight

red, white, blue American flag

Three Stooges

Three Amigos

Stop, drop roll, I could go on, you get the picture

Todays workout is no different, I have 3 sets of leg exercises, one set is strength for the quads, one set is conditioning for the calves, and the last one is cardio for burning more fat

and thats it, the good, the bad, the ugly

What’s your Frequency?

More frequency or less?

how frequent do you go out to eat?

How frequent do you cook at home?

How frequent do workout?

How frequent do you change your workout?

Do you rest frequently?

How frequent do you get sick?

How frequent do you go to the doctor?

How frequent do you miss work?

How frequent do you take a vacation?

If you had a favorite frequency, what would it be?



Cost for being healthy according to Obamacare

So how much does it really cost to be healthy?

I believe it only costs you about 30-50mins most days of the week doing some structured physical activity


my Cyber Monday 25% off training studio discount

Black Friday

Small Business Saturday

Cyber Monday

It was reported that $52 billion was spent last year and $59 billion this year for the mega-sell holiday weekend.

I haven’t bought anything as of yet, though that will change I’m sure

If you are looking for a deal on a place to workout that includes a trainer (no contracts) then check out my –25% off here

I have something for people who’ve never worked out with me  before and those of you looking to get started back again

This discount is my way to get you moving and burning calories, all you have to do is show up and I’ll take care of the rest

Hostess Twinkie’s going out of business – one giant leap for mankind

English: Hostess Twinkies. Yellow snack cake w...

English: Hostess Twinkies. Yellow snack cake with cream filling. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

After 82 yrs of making Twinkies  cupcakes, moon pie’s and wonder bread, Hostess is closing its doors.

The company cites changing “consumer taste” along with labor disputes and high production costs as the culprit.

I remember Dad always putting Twinkies in his lunch bucket for work and if he came home early from a rain out I would get to eat it for him.

82 yrs is a long time but I actually celebrate this small victory for mankind and more importantly the children of the future because know I feel like there is opportunity for something else to step up and takes its place.  Whatever product it is will start in the schools first and if the kids like it, then it will pass on to everyday people

English: A Hostess CupCake, shown whole.

English: A Hostess CupCake, shown whole. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Frozen Dinners

I have talked about “pre-packaged meals” since 2001 and the first thing I do to help new clients lose body fat (endomorphs, mesomorphs) is to stop them eating these poor quality meals.

I’m so glad to hear mainstream media talking about this food subject and when I came across this pic I had to post it.

What would happen if you only ate fruits and vegetables for lunch over 10 days?


GT Food Challenge: Day 2 Weigh-in – still Balancing my Carbs

Weighed in this morning when I got to the studio and dropped 3lbs on day 2.  Mostly water but I’m still pleased bc that’s real weight.  I am still making food corrections to level out my CHO and Pro intake bc I don’t want more than 45% CHO for my daily allowance.  Too many CHO’s will make my weight go up due to water retention (8lbs a gallon)

I hope your challenge is going as well and keep tracking your food, I’m still torn between MyFitnessPal and LoseIt.  They both work great but I can’t decide which one I like best

Sugar High Fix

Great point brought up this morning in the studio about sugar, you have to know how much sugar you are getting throughout the day, period!!  Not only do you have to watch the sugar like sweets and candy but more importantly you have to understand and know what sugar is in the products that you buy.

My rule of thumb for people who are STUCK, FRUSTRATED, DISGUSTED with how much body fat they have is to count how many sugar grams they consume in 3 days.  You can eat what you desire but do not average more than 50g sugar/day

Depending on what body type you have could determine how much sugar you can get away with.  I have a sweet tooth at 3 o’clock and like a drug-addict I need my sugar fix,  but that’s not because I’m hungry, that’s because I’m just CRAVING!!

So what satisfy’s your sugar fix and how many grams does it take?

Bowling Green, Ky #5 – Best Small Place for Business and Career

Our little city of BG just made lists of Best Small Places for Business and Career

Jumping up to #5 on the list, BG is showing improvements is Housing and Jobs and the cost of living 12.5% below the national average.

WKU is pumping out 27.1% college attainment with 9% of the metro area population reaching a Graduate Degree – (thanks DR Green)

read the full list here

Bowling Green: At a Glance

  • Metro Population: 126,000
  • Major Industries: Education, Technology 
  • Gross Metro Product: $5.4 B
  • Median Household Income:$46,369
  • Median Home Price: $105,300
  • Unemployment: 8.6%
  • Job Growth (2010): 1.4%
  • Cost of Living: 12.5% below nat’l avg
  • College Attainment: 27.1%
  • Net Migration (2010): 1,250
Job Growth
Projected Annual Job Growth
Current Unemployment
Median Household Income
Household Income Growth
High-Tech Employment
Median Home Price
Home Price Change
Housing Affordability
Subprime Mortgages
High School Attainment
College Attainment
Graduate Degrees
Top Colleges

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