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Gaining weight is better than losing weight – always

Think about it this way – when you start a new workout program to lose “body fat” you are focused on a number like -5lbs, -10lbs,

“I want to lose -20lbs then I will be ok”

Try this instead, focus on how much stronger you are getting in the gym, look at the 5lbs weights you are lifting with your arms, You will look a lot better when you can lift 20lbs with those arms!!

It’s hard to get your body in shape if you don’t lift weights and do things to make the muscles work and shape up.  Cardio alone (walking, jogging, biking) won’t get it done sufficiently as weights and cardio combined will

I believe strong is the new skinny and by gaining more strength lifting weights you will help burn more calories and lose the body fat which is whats really wanted, a lower overall BF%


Frozen Dinners

I have talked about “pre-packaged meals” since 2001 and the first thing I do to help new clients lose body fat (endomorphs, mesomorphs) is to stop them eating these poor quality meals.

I’m so glad to hear mainstream media talking about this food subject and when I came across this pic I had to post it.

What would happen if you only ate fruits and vegetables for lunch over 10 days?


Split Training- talking workouts with Robin Shea

Coming up this Tuesday on the Robin Shea Show  we will be talking about one of my favorite workout subjects and that’s “split training”

What is split training?  Split training is making workouts that hit different muscle groups on different days to spread out emphasis over several days instead of a 2 hour workout.  There are many ways to SPLIT a workout routine and the more advanced the training the more you can split routines into major muscle groups.

For example 

Day 1: Quads (Mon)
Day 2: Shoulders and traps (Tues)
Day 3: Back, hamstrings and biceps (Thurs)
Day 4: Chest and triceps (Fri)

The body works in 4-6wk increments so every month you should look to vary frequency, intensity, time or use the F.I.T. Principle.  With split training you can split each muscle group and train with greater intensity more than just once a week.  Also rest days or Active Recovery workouts can be implemented for greater recovery, as in the case of upper-lower body split workout performed four days a week like the one mentioned above.

The F.I.T. Principle stands for

#1 Frequency – how often you train

#2 Intensity – how hard you train

#3 Time – how long you train

People who want to lose weight need to focus on metabolism.  Metabolism essentially means “how many calories you burn in one day.”   The only way to increase the body’s metabolism is to build more lean muscle tissue (LMT).  Focusing on cardio in my opinion is the wrong way to go because cardio trains the body to store fat for long cardio sessions (the body has to have ample energy for runs longer than 20mins).

Robin has done many split routine workouts with me in the past to burn almost 1000 calories in 50mins and recently on one of her runs she had an EPIPHANY about cardio & weight lifting workouts!!

Tune in this Tuesday 10a.m. cst to hear us talk about Weight Training 101 as Robin ask questions like

  1. If your desire is to lose weight focus on this type of routine…
  2. If your weight is roughly where you would like it to be this is a better routine…
  3. If you are seeking major weight loss perhaps this routine would serve you best…
  4. How often to switch up your routine and why…
  5. Incorporating Aerobic vs. An-aerobic cardio into your routine

Like I said this is one of my favorite topics and in my opinion the most important discussion for getting in shape and burning more body fat.  You can check out some other posts of mine here

The “SKINNY” on Working Out

Dieting is the worst way to Lose Weight

GT Get Fit Tip: 5 ways to “Spring Clean” Your Body and Burn More Fat

GT Get Fit Tip: Train for Your Body Type

2011’s Top 5 ways to Burn more FAT

English: Excess adipose tissue around a male's...

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2011 has started and we are on a mission to lose 2011 lbs – I personaly want to acheive this goal by August and will be happy to do so anytime before.

Make no mistake about it (Bushism) I want to burn FAT, not just “lose weight” and in order to achieve optimal results GET yourself in a fat losing environment.

1.  Think before you eat -don’t eat to “feel” something, eat so you can have energy to burn more fat

2.  GET SOME SLEEP –  go to bed on time, and take naps or just rest your eyes

3.  eat more fish – fish has Omega 3 and great source of minerals, such as iron, zinc, potassium (helps build muscle to burn more fat)

4.  Lift Weights – benefits of weight training range from increase in bone, heart, and lung strength to metabolism boosting, lowering stress and confidence knowing you can crush that whimp that complains all day at work

5.  Help yourself – now in 2011 is the time to take care of yourself so you can be more productive and help others.  Our society in Ky is deteriorating because of the health of our  people.  Motivate yourself to lose some fat and your results will motivate someone else.  The best help is self help.

We all want to be healthy and the best way to do that is to rid yourself of all that extra body fat .

Obesity kills – kill Obesity

All of us can, if you will

GT Get Fit Tip: Body Mass – How Much Do You Really Weigh?

Heavier one pound of blubber, blood sucking, jelly roll of fat, or a pound of lean, toned,  “fat” burning muscle?

When you talk about body mass or total weight your actually talking about two different things = fat vs muscle.  Lean body mass of the body is made up of bones, organs, muscle and water.

Fat mass is all the weight in fat that’s left over.  Depending on height, age and sex yourBody Mass Index (19-24 optimal)will vary.

My clients often ask how a person who starts an awesome cross training or weight lifting program gain weight before they see a significant loss in body fat?

The answer my friend is because muscle is more dense than fat and fat takes up more room in your pants and shirts.  Muscles also hold water so small increases in lean muscle tissue adds water weight in the initial stages before seeing a big weight or fat loss.

I had one client lose 14inches in her butt, abs and boobs and only 7lbs total.  Muscle will add good weight that is optimal for burning fat when you’re not working out.  Little bit of muscle training will help you to get toned.

Not only will you look and feel better, but live longer.  Being fat will kill you slow and painfully over time, one joint, one organ at a time.  If you need convincing listen to obese people talk about how their feet, knees and back hurt.  Ask somebody who lived with Type II Diabetes for more than 8yrs staying overweight and have their foot amputated because of high blood sugar.  Know somebody that had a heart attack but continues to be overweight and/or smoke?

Tell them you love them, its only a matter of time before they won’t be around, take it from me,  sooner than you could ever imagine.

STOP obesity!! It kills

All of us can, if you will.

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