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Glute, thigh & Ab specific challenge starting in June

In June we will begin a new challenge – we are using lunges and oblique crunches 2 days a week to target the strength and endurance of our hips, glutes,thighs & stomach area – guidelines will be up on Facebook and I will post the link when it starts

You will be able to participate by doing the reps and posting your number on the page to be official, we will also have a board up at the studio

More details to come – follow my GT page for other fitness related content

Top 3 changes to burn more body fat

here is a poll we did on FB about losing body fat – the top 3 answers are on the board

What People Text about from the Television –

Are you annoyed when someone’s phone goes off during your t.v. show or movie?

TrendrrTv ranks all the social network activity and behavior of the shows on Television today.  It has daily and weekly lists of who is getting the most attention on Twitter or Facebook

From Trendrr.Tv

Data sources currently include Twitter mentions, publicFacebook posts, Miso and GetGlue check-ins. Other new social sources are currently being evaluated and added. Have one in mind? Suggest it here.


Frequently Asked Questions
Q. What are you tracking around each show?
A. We are tracking various queries per television program across the above social networks. The queries include, but are not limited to:
  • Show title
  • Characters and actors
  • @replies
  • #hashtags pertaining to show title, the characters and key show phrases
(Copyright © 2011 Wiredset LLC. All rights reserved.)

Bowling Green’s local Blogs

Here is a list of some blogs written by BG folks – I read some of these and thought you might enjoy them as well

This is the list from

Arts & Entertainment Back to Top
Health & Lifestyle Back to Top
Personal Back to Top
  • The Moon and the Willow Tree –
    Artist and writer Betsy Sheppard blogs about making money online, computers, art, writing, tutoring, websites, and more.
  • NanaHood –
    Author & columnist, teacher, wife, mom and grandmother Teresa Kindred writes about the second half of the mothering journey
Political Back to Top
  • Economic Sense –
    This blog focuses primarily on the economics and social implications of natural resource, agriculture, and sustainability issues.
School & Education Back to Top
Sports & Recreation Back to Top
  • Local Stock Car Racing News and Rumors by Odell –
    Stock Car Racing Talk, Rumors about drivers and tracks, Just plain ole gossip. Lots of fun and information about circle track racing.
  • Bowling Green Daily News WKU sports blog –
    BG Daily News WKU beat writer Nick Baumgardner offers further insight on WKU athletics.
Technology & Business Back to Top
  • Shotgun Marketing Blog –
    Rants & raves, commentary, and a fresh outlook about today’s marketing landscape from a marketing speaker and writer.

GT Get Fit Tip: Train for Your Body Type

Do you do Elliptical for cardio?

How bout drops sets on leg day?

When’s the last time you did anaerobic threshold training?

The type of training you do at the gym and how you feed yourself throughout the day may be keeping you from achieving desired results.

Knowing the science behind your body type can save you many hours in the gym and more time outside doing things you enjoy.

What ‘s your body type?

Look at Arnold – what kind of body type does he have?  This was the CA Gov!!

Follow @NuckolsD on Twitter for more personal trainer tips

Luckiest Personal Trainer in Bowling Green, KY

Victory cross / Cruz de la victoria

Image by . SantiMB . via Flickr

I can not believe I am alive and well this present day!

Luckily enough I was born in the 1970’s and to make it all this way to 2010 and have access to the internet and social media,WOW!I say to people all the time no telling what my world would be like if I had text messaging when I was kid.

Being in the health and fitness business and to think back at all the great leaders and fitness trainers from the past and to see the healthy footprint they have left on society, by utilizing the very basics of human function and necessity (movement and food).   On the flip side it’s amazing to me the abundance of people who are either unaware or in denial about how they look and feel about themselves.

I’m here to change that.

I do not have a wife or kids but I was lucky enough to have two parents that raised me and my brothertill death did them part, and from that I have an appreciation for family, loyalty,  and respect.

There is also a wonderful group of various people that come together almost like family everyday to my studio and through a habitude  of nutrition and fitness they motivate themselves from what they once were, to go out and inspire and help make change in the lives of  friends and loved ones.

These people have a loyalty and respect for themselves and what it means to be a productive piece of  society for the betterment of our human kind.  People like these are looked up too and set apart to be made examples for others to follow, for that I commend them.

Today with Blogging, Facebook and Twitter like-minded people have the chance to meet others and together make an immediate impact in the health and well being of a whole group, city or state.

I know this because it is happening, and for somebody like myself, to be amongst and surrounded by some of the greatest people you could have ever met, in a city that has so much future growth and potential, I consider myself the luckiest personal trainer in Bowling Green, KY just to be here and a part of it all.

Growth of the United States (in lbs.) last 20yrs

Animated map of obesity incidence by state (19...

Image via Wikipedia

Click on the slideshow and watch Kentucky, the South region, and the “Bible Belt” area as they grow more obese over the past 3 decades.  Its really sad, now children are  infected with this Obesity disease

Any suggestions for helping the children’s future?

I’m Pissed off at everyone

Location map of Kentucky, USA

Image via Wikipedia

I’m pissed off at everyone.  I’m pissed off at what they say and do.

Everyone says they are going to eat healthy and walk more.

Everyone encourages to conserve gas and oil.

Everyone says they wash their hands before dinner.

Everyone insist you should get a degree.

Everyone pledges they listen to the customer and do what they say.

Everyone knows our Kentucky is unhealthy.

Everyone has an excuse.

That’s why I’m pissed off at everyone.

Every one of you that says something and does NOTHING!!!

Get up, get fit, GET TONED

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