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Complex is really Simple

Just watched this awesome 3:43 video about Complexity and got me thinking real “simply”

Very simply the reason I get out of bed is to meet someone who’s health and well-being could benefit from my education and expertise in the human body and fitness.  That’s why I took out a business loan, that’s why I bought my own exercise equipment and that is the only reason I am spending my time writing this blog (THANKS for reading)

The  whole “obesity” problem boils down to one thing, If WE can get YOU to get up, get fit and get toned, then all of US win.  I promise that if you make a difference in your life, someone will notice and be motivated and so excited for you that because of you they will want to make change too!  We all want to be part of a  successful and prosperous group.

So back to my original thought – it simply starts with one person or family member to motivate another and we will all benefit from this connected effort to better health and well-being.

All of Us can, if You will

11yr old Birke Baehr: his thoughts on food from TED

This 11yr old gives his thoughts on food – if you have any children let them watch this and get their opinions

Leave a comment about yours.

I LOVE to discuss mine!!

Fast Food Breakfast: Ham Omelet Sandwich

Burger King, Seoul, South Korea.

Image via Wikipedia

Burger King

Ham Omelet Sandwich:
290 calories

13 g fat

4.5 g saturated fat

85 mg cholesterol

870 mg sodium

1 g fiber

That shine is the honey butter sauce

Ham Omelet Sandwich.

Burger King describes the sandwich as:

“….a rousing combination of fluffy egg, ham, and honey butter sauce on a sesame seed bun.”

Ham Omelet Burger King1

Poverty – In My old Ky home

I live in KY, the frontline in the War on Poverty in America.

My belief is that for this state to make a turnaround we have to focus on women and children.  The percentages of low birth weight babies, children in poverty and children in single-parent families has increased over the past 10 years in KY.

Diane Sawyer poverty in Ky get toned

IMHO, everything in the past 50yrs has failed us to a certain degree. Our education system, our industry, our healthcare and “common wealth” in general have all produced a state that is the lowest in every major statistical category. We are poverty in America.

In Kentucky, 102 babies are born with low birth weights, this has many problems

Kentucky has one of the highest rates of women who smoke during pregnancy. About 30.5 percent of Kentucky women who are of child-bearing age smoke.  Smoking while pregnant leads to low-birth weight babies.

Obesity can also lead to low birth weights because obese woman typically require premature delivery due to health complications of the fetus and delivery.

To prevent low birth weights, women should stop smoking, practice healthy eating habits, and get regular physical activity before becoming pregnant.

Empowering the Everyday Woman: #gettoned

If you walk on a treadmill or have a “gym” membership then I wrote this number for you.

Empowered benefits of weight training for women who Get Toned.

  1. Builds Confidence
  2. Burns extra carbs and fat calories when you aren’t working out
  3. Improves your digestion bc you will want to eat healthy to keep your tone
  4. Improves immune system (eat out less, less germs, less disease)
  5. Increases bone density (especially important for ladies over 35)
  6. Improves posture and strengthens core (your love-handles are smaller)
  7. Improves mood (bc you look so damn good)
  8. Lowers blood pressure
  9. Improves muscular endurance (best shape of your peers)
  10. Makes you look good in your swim/birthday suit!


Collective Soul

All your weight

It falls on me

It brings Me down

The best “multi-vitamin” for healthy people?

Report of the Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee
on the Dietary Guidelines for Americans, 2010

For the general, healthy population, there is no evidence to support a recommendation for the use of multivitamin/mineral supplements in the primary prevention of chronic disease.

Limited evidence suggests that supplements containing combinations of certain nutrients are beneficial in reversing chronic disease when used by special populations; in contrast, certain nutrient supplements appear to be harmful in other subgroups.

People take vitamins all the time and I am frequently asked which is best.

My answer is NONE.

A body that is deficient or malnourished needs to be supplemented with essential nutrients that can be obtained from a variety of foods that can be grown or found locally.  If you eat well rounded and colorful then you should not need to supplement your diet, unless you have a true deficiency.

There is a difference.

Have you ever seen a person that is malnourished?

This dude here isn’t one of them

“I learned it by watching you!!”

“I learned it by watching you!!”

Remember that PSA about drugs?  Speaking of drugs, I had no idea what “drugs” were until I got to college.  Back in 3rd grade a local Officer Friendly came to our class with cocaine, pot, and LSD that’s when I was first introduced to street drugs, by the Owensboro City Police Department

“Hey Dad, guess what I learned in school today?”

Thanks to an internship at the hospital and 7yrs employment did I learn the true meaning of “drugs” and how they worked exactly.  Everybody is on them.  All walks of life, all types of people, for all types of things.  There is a pill or drug for everything.  Any shape, size, color or flavor, get them from a doctor with a prescription and they call it legal, get it from a drug dealer in a baggie and they call it a controlled substance.

Have kids?

They learn this by watching you.

Now I love my Doctor, he’s not to blame.  They say its lack of education or awareness that faults our choices about personal health.  So here’s a free tip, learn about your body.  Everything you put into your body, good or bad, will cause a reaction.  especially food and drugs.  Thats why they impose regulations on what we eat and take for medication.

Be accountable for what you eat, excess food causes buildup of fat stores that impede organ function which can effect our health.  Being more than 10lbs overweight  can cause emotional and physical stress.   Respect your loved ones by maintaining a standard of weight that does not cause direct harm to your body.

Think about this, you can save money and your health now, and spend more time with family and friends later.   If you have small children and they see their mom and dad overeating and disrespecting their bodies, what more can they learn.

They learn it by watching YOU!!

Wendy’s Salad: Mandarin Chicken Salad with Grilled Chick Fillet

Wendy’s Salad: Mandarin Chicken Salad with Grilled Chick Fillet

385 calories, 18g fat, 2.25g saturated
Almonds supply lots of crunch and protein, so nix the noodles and use about half the dressing.

Warren County school board against Obesity legislation for the children

Logo of the Centers for Disease Control and Pr...

Image via Wikipedia

School officials against proposed physical activity bill

(from the Bowling Green Daily News)

House Bill 52which aims to reduce obesity and improve body mass index in children.  A bill in the Kentucky House that mandates 30 minutes of physical activity be set aside each day for schoolchildren does not have the support of local education officials.

“I’m not in favor of it,” said Mike Wilson, a Warren County school board member.  “I think we do a pretty good job of tracking food and nutrition anyway. It causes problems for us when Frankfort comes out with something like this. While it is well-intentioned, they don’t realize the impact it has on the districts.”

In KY county schools, 54 percent of elementary schools are meeting the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s target for recommended physical activity per week.  That means 46 percent do not.  NOT ACCEPTABLE!!

What kind of hope can we have for our children if school board members are not helping to make a difference?

30 minutes activity and this guy says NO!!! aaaaarrrrrrgggghhhhh are you kidding me Mr Mike??

How can I HELP if you’re not going to???

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