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Glute, thigh & Ab specific challenge starting in June

In June we will begin a new challenge – we are using lunges and oblique crunches 2 days a week to target the strength and endurance of our hips, glutes,thighs & stomach area – guidelines will be up on Facebook and I will post the link when it starts

You will be able to participate by doing the reps and posting your number on the page to be official, we will also have a board up at the studio

More details to come – follow my GT page for other fitness related content

11yr old Birke Baehr: his thoughts on food from TED

This 11yr old gives his thoughts on food – if you have any children let them watch this and get their opinions

Leave a comment about yours.

I LOVE to discuss mine!!

The Wizard of YouTube is female

YouTube is an amazing web creation that has went viral and changed the way we view and make homemade movies.  Head of user experience Margaret Gould Stewart is the one in charge of making YouTube’s site a pleasant web experience.  In this video she talks about how the omnipresent website works with copyrights of  original videos and the creators to bring together a place where if your content is copied we can all still benefit and everyone is happy.

from TED

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