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Body fat dreams

Summer is almost here and time to start thinking about that bikini – all the work we have since November is now going to pay off.

We have lifted tons of weight, tons, of JJ’s, and even a few hundred burpees along the way.  Now is time to start putting it all together with nutrition and workouts to make that last push to “cut” or shed those last few pounds of body fat!!


We all have an idea body shape or look we want to see, and having the right amount body fat is key to making that look happen.  Check out the pic below and you can see what different body fat percentages look – the idea is to be 30% or below

Get Toned Fitnesss

Get Toned Fitnesss

Another inexpensive place to workout in BG


Looking like another workout place for BG is on its way.  The price for having a new place to workout is great at $10 month, and with the increase of traffic over here on Scottsville Rd the opportunity to lose body fat and build muscle has never been so easy before!!

What I’m finding this month after “new years resolutions” are coming to an end (or never got started to begin with) serious folks are finding there way down to our training studio and really asking me what they can do to lose more fat.   People are now getting bored doing the same thing over and over again.

The problem with the $10-$15 month gyms is that it can be a crowded place with more people doing more mediocre work that does not yield results.  It’s not a coincidence you see the already fit people on the treadmills doing cardio, guys with big muscles hugging over the weights and lifting machines, pretty girls standing in front of mirrors checking there hair and all the other people hanging out talking in small groups.  The people that are actually working out are quiet and to themselves bc they don’t have time to be chatty, they got a workout to do!!

There you are, already in an environment you are uncomfortable with and to make matters worse 80% of the “workouts” you see being done are just scratching the surface of a real workout, you try to imitate someone else but it’s hard bc your not sure how to do it right and feel stupid and embarrassed like everybody is watching you make a fool of yourself trying to burn some body fat.  You’re not an idiot with your friends or at work, you don’t want to be the idiot at the gym

I have seen it all before and that’s why I am so happy when people find there way down to the studio, we finally get the chance to teach them something they can use, and more importantly can finally understand and learn the process that it takes to start losing body fat, and see real results pay off from all the work they are doing.


the workout, the grump and happy people

When is the best time to weigh?

I recommend weighing every morning – reason is you can see your weight fluctuations from day to day – and you can see HOW and WHY its fluctuating based on what you ate the day before- when you know why its fluctuating you can do things to keep it going down instead of up!!

3 things Endomorph body types need to know

1.  eat more PROTIEN

2.  eat more good FAT (more mono- and polyunsaturated fats)

3.  restrict Carb intake to mostly vegetables 


These are habit changes, they need to be done overtime while you watch how your body repsonds

What you weigh is overrated

As a personal trainer I don’t care what you weigh – now if you have 50lbs of extra body fat you carry around by all means lets lose some weight

I believe body fat and your body type are more important to your physique and well-being than just your weight alone

I tell all my female clients to be @30% BF or below – male clients @20% BF  or below

You vs.You

One of the hardest things to grasp for some people is the “diet” part of losing body fat weight

I have it broken down for you over 10 days that I can assure you will succeed

It’s you vs. you & I’m on your side

GT 10day Food Challenge (First 7 days)

our GT 10day Food Challenge is working out well, through 7days and the holiday weekend I have dropped -4lbs and 2% Fat

(no diet, no pills, no powders, no gimmicks)


GT Food Challenge: Day 2 Weigh-in – still Balancing my Carbs

Weighed in this morning when I got to the studio and dropped 3lbs on day 2.  Mostly water but I’m still pleased bc that’s real weight.  I am still making food corrections to level out my CHO and Pro intake bc I don’t want more than 45% CHO for my daily allowance.  Too many CHO’s will make my weight go up due to water retention (8lbs a gallon)

I hope your challenge is going as well and keep tracking your food, I’m still torn between MyFitnessPal and LoseIt.  They both work great but I can’t decide which one I like best

last supper

my last supper tonight before the food challenge is my favorite mashed potatoes – with baked spicy chicken and asparagus

I will be using the “lose it” app and “food burner” app to track my calories

I’m weighing In at 161 and 13% body fat – my goal in 10 days is 155 and 8-10% body fat

We have 25 people signed in and ready to go – I am very excited to get the results – I will post them soon

Any suggestions or questions please let me know, the 10 day food challenge is a great place for anybody to help start burning body fat

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