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GT Fitness Studio – Tues Leg Day #GTfitBG

check out today’s leg workout – we are using a 1:00/1:00 bell for our sets utilizing quads and calfs.

This workout repeated twice should burn over 500kcals in under 30mins if done at moderate pace

GT Get Fit Tip: Workout at any Age

Big upper body day – We have a great workout targeting shoulders, chest, bicpes, triceps, and abs.

I am using dumbells, machines, suspension training (TRX), a pole, cable machine and aerobic steps.

Watch the cam today #GTfitBG and you will see us in action and the best part of today’s workout is that if you look closely this workout fits all, you will see a nice range of ages from 8yrs old – 67yrs old.

Some gyms in Bowling Green like BAC and Total Fitness do not allow children to train with their moms and dads, not only do I allow it, I loathe the thought of not doing it!!

If you see us doing something today and have any questions please leave a comment, I woiuld love to help you too.

GT Fit: Tools in your Tool bag to Progress Weight Loss

Want to progress  your weight loss?  Try adding some tools to your tool bag

1. Looking in the mirror ( yes you can flex ladies) 
2. taking pictures every week
3. measurements and re-measure
4. How your clothes fit
5. What your friends and colleagues say about you when they see you again
6. comments from strangers
7.  your total weight that is body fat lbs 
9. your total weight that is lean muscle tissue  lbs
10. Your body fat percentage (most important for women, not total weight)

You have to have a way to measure & track progress.  I personally like to see my performance go up in my workouts but some people love to look at the numbers to see change.  Doesn’t matter how you look at it but when  friends and strangers make comments about you getting in shape then you know you are doing something.

Best part about that is you will motivate them to be fit too!!!

New Year, Busiest Time for a Personal Trainer

Start of 2012 has been great!!

We have been busy down at the studio and already dropped -28lbs the first week of workouts.  That’s a good start and up from last year in 2011 we dropped close to -1000lbs with the WONDERFUL help of Mrs Laura Williams  and her -100lbs results (all by herself)

I have also been hanging with The Robin Shea Show & Southern Fried Fitness  every Tues from 10-11am central talking with her and some wonderful guests about the 80/20 split which is “80% healthy lifestyle and 20% indulgence and 100% southern!!”

This is my first post in quite some time and along with the stuff happenings at the studio, I have recently moved into my first house which has taken up more time.  The house is within 1.5 miles from the studio so if you ever need a quick workout I’m close and ready to go

I am thankful to be busy training bc my real fear is to have to get a real job!!

New Workout Times: schedule your workout – GT Fitness Personal Training

We are making a new workout schedule for the new season.

Please let us know what your ideal workout time is so we can provide a trainer to administer the exercises.  It is silly for you to be ready for a workout and not know what to do next.

You can leave a preferred time here or the “Suggestion Box” at the studio

This is your workout time, you let us know when you want us here

GT Get Fit Tip: Women who take Steroids and Workout

Women have ESTROGEN – men have TESTOSTERONE

Women typically can not build muscle tissue like a man without testosterone or other steroid injections.

No female that trains in my studio will bulk up and get to muscular


you take drugs!! You wont be getting any drugs from me

BUT please don’t tell me your getting to big of muscles unless you look like these “ladies”

What form of exercise do you enjoy the most?

Does this exercise increase your “efficiency” to burn carbohydrates and fat over time?

Do you eat more calories (fruits&vegs) now than before and still lose body fat?

Does the exercise you enjoy most make you see a difference in your metabolism?

Exercise is can be any structured physical activity.

You don’t need a 12 – month gym membership for that.

Go out and do something FUN!!


GT Get Fit Tip: When to Give Up Your Training Program

Making a little run of video posts – I like them because

1. visual (I am a visual learner)

2. easy to post

3. short and to the point

That’s also how I like my workouts – I set them up so we can see what exercises we are doing next, the trainers shadow you correcting form and maximizing results, after 30-50 mins we are done and ready to go home or on with our day.

If you’re struggling with your training & workouts or finding the right combination of nutrition and exercise then it may be time to quit your current training program but


It all comes down to how you run THE RACE?

this how Heather Dorniden rolls ( worth 2.5mins of your time)

No pills, no powders, no gimmicks #gettoned2011

Two Lassa Witch Doctors

Image via Wikipedia

Do you know what your MED’s for exercise are?  I am not referring to what you get from the Doctors office, I am talking about MED’s or the “minimum effective dose” of exercise.

What is the minimum effort or time you can devote to yourself and body for better health and well-being?

24hrs in a day

-8hrs sleep

-8hrs work

That amount or number can vary from person to person but what I want to emphasize there is a significant amount of times you can show up for exercise/workouts to see results.  A number that could equal 4-15 sessions a month.

Exercise is Medicine and just by starting the process of being mindful of what you eat and have more total body awareness about how you think, act and feel you will be on your way to a  healthy lifestyle you can maintain.

No pills, no powders, no gimmicks

Complex is really Simple

Just watched this awesome 3:43 video about Complexity and got me thinking real “simply”

Very simply the reason I get out of bed is to meet someone who’s health and well-being could benefit from my education and expertise in the human body and fitness.  That’s why I took out a business loan, that’s why I bought my own exercise equipment and that is the only reason I am spending my time writing this blog (THANKS for reading)

The  whole “obesity” problem boils down to one thing, If WE can get YOU to get up, get fit and get toned, then all of US win.  I promise that if you make a difference in your life, someone will notice and be motivated and so excited for you that because of you they will want to make change too!  We all want to be part of a  successful and prosperous group.

So back to my original thought – it simply starts with one person or family member to motivate another and we will all benefit from this connected effort to better health and well-being.

All of Us can, if You will

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