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FDA changing food labels, easier to make better choices

The U.S. Food & Drug Administration is stepping up its effort in the fight of Obesity by changing the food labels on food and beverages.  The new tactic will place more emphasis on serving size, added sugar, vitamins and calories per serving

newfood lables

“You as a parent and a consumer should be able to walk into your local grocery store, pick up an item off the shelf, and be able to tell whether it’s good for your family,” first lady Michelle Obama said in a press release. “So this is a big deal, and it’s going to make a big difference for families all across this country.”

The American Heart associations recommends 150 kcals of sugar of or 9 teaspoons daily, for women it’s 100 kcals or 6 teaspoons of sugar a day.  The chemical sugar they add to products is the same but now the focus will be on how much sugar is added.  Americans are getting way more sugar than they need and hardly realize what total amount they do get.

Fat labeling is also being slimmed down by taking away “calories from Fat” and utilizing the breakdown of good fats and bad fats on the label.  Food companies will also be responsible to label how much of vitamins and minerals like Vit D (for bone health), are in their product along with the FDA adding another 25 categories that weren’t around 20 years ago.

I’m excited for the new change, especially here in KY, anything that will help people understand what they consume and inform them on what the better choices are will only lead to better education and self-improvement.  We need that in KENTUCKY!!

Your doctor says to exercise, so what?

so what? go sew buttons on your underwear is what I was told!

Something I been thinking about, I had a surgeon who once worked out with me & when ObamaCare was being talked about he kinda took offense to it.

His point on Obesity was that surgeons or “doctors” would get to the point to where they won’t admit or even call on obese patients bc of the liability of them not taking initiative and following through with their care plan. The way I understood his argument was that the new plan was to pay healthcare providers based on performance or outcomes of the treatment groups. He didn’t like this idea and I could see his frustration

So ObamaCare has tentatively passed and now the fun begins!! I welcome this new age of “care” bc in my opinion Kentucky needs a change from the past – our kids, cancer, education, obesity, heart disease and premature death are the worst in the country and we need CHANGE!! Some of the hospitals may not want you but I do

So to all of you that your doctor said to exercise, I AM READY FOR THIS!!
Are you?

Warren Co Schools Turns Head Against Obesity Issue

This Picture was on the front page Daily News and when I saw it my blood boiled!!  I’m all about family enrichment ideas but how in the world can you promote a doughnut eating program targeting kids?

Kentucky school children are fighting the worst Obesity epidemic this country has ever faced and then the Warren Co School Board and Rockfield Elementary promote doughnut eating.

The thing that upsets me the most is that Warren Co School Board already voted down a proposed Physical Activity Bill because Mike Wilson said   “I think we do a pretty good job of tracking food and nutrition anyway. It causes problems for us when Frankfortcomes out with something like this.”

Kids in this country today are expected to die sooner than ever before.  High blood pressure, type II diabetes, ADHD, irritable bowl, joint inflammation, and all sorts of adult health problems are being seen in the population of the young.  I believe the heart attack of today at 45yrs old will be the heart attack at 25 for kids born after 1995.  If you are a doctor, nurse or pharmaceutical sales then that’s good for job security but for me it’s very frustrating  because our kids are the future.

Kentucky is one of the worst in production, income, education but leading the nation in Obesity and health problems.

Something has to change and I’m here to help, just ask!!

Just my opinion, What’s yours?

Is Your Liver Worth It?

Broccoli flowers.

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Get Fit: Is Your Liver Worth It?

Sitting on the right side of the belly under the lungs, the liver weighs about 3lbs and is necessary for human survival.  Liver plays a major role in over 200 bodily functions and utilizes millions of cells for metabolism including protein synthesis, glucose storage, detoxification and hormone production.  The only human organ capable of regenerating itself, the liver can utilize its own blood cells to  regain normal liver function.

There have been documentaries done about eating fast food, alcoholism and the environmental dangers of pesticides and chemical pollution that cause liver cirrhosis.   Everything we eat and drink, medicines we get from the doctor and alcohol we consume all have to be filtered by your liver and kidneys.  The liver essentially filters out the unnecessary waste products in the blood and keeps the body clean on the inside.

Today people that live in Kentucky have ample opportunity to obtain faster, lower quality food substance that bombard the liver with more chemicals and acids than ever before.  My personal opinion is that consuming lower quality foods will contribute to organ disease and increase the risk for all types cancers.   Coupled with a decrease in physical activity our body has no chance to burn off extra calories.  The obesity epidemic of the nation, especially in Kentucky, has grown to over sized proportions.

My point is to help make people aware of the liver so they won’t take it for granted.  Many are unaware of the damage they are doing until they develop symptoms and the damage has already been done.  My biggest pet peeve is obesity because having excess body fat around the midsection impedes organ functions to the point that even the liver can’t do its job to fight infections and promote a healthy body.

If you are more than 10lbs overweight and consume processed and fast foods reguarly then you could be at an increased risk for developing liver complications down the road.  My #1 suggestion is to DETOX your liver by eating more fruits and vegetables and fortifying your liver with the vitamins and minerals that it needs.

One of my favorite vegetables are the Cruciferus Vegetables (Cruciferae, New Latin for “cross-bearing” from the shape of their flowers, whose four petals resemble a cross)

  1. broccoli
  2. cabbage
  3. brussel sprouts
  4. bok choy
  5. rutabaga
  6. mustard seed
  7. radish
  8. wasabi
  9. collard greens

By eliminating all the extra carbs, starches and sugars from your diet and eating more fruits and vegetables, specifically the “crossed” kind, you will promote healthy liver function and help your body’s metabolism to burn more stored body fat.

That’s eating with purpose, that’s eating to live!!

GT Get Fit Tip: Beat the Heat Index

Summer is approaching and with it comes the heat and humidity, those that have lived in Kentucky and the southeast U.S. know this time of year all to well.  Today as I sit here deciding what my fit tip is going to be about I watch the thermometer rise to a record high for this day since 1991.  I have lived in Bowling Green over 10yrs now and have met people who have moved to this region from all different climates and seasons from around the world. The summer season here is a challenge for those newcomers who are not acclimated and the humidity always gets the blame, almost everyone agrees that humidity makes it hotter and with good reason.  The HEAT INDEX I love being outdoors and appreciate the heat more than the cold but when you add moisture to the air you increase how hot if FEELS to the body which is called the HEAT INDEX.  Our bodies cool by sweating (which is blood that has been filtered through the skin) by releasing heat through sweat glands that act like a natural air-conditioner to the body.  When the air is saturated with moisture and close to the dew point, the sweat doesn’t evaporate and the body fails to dissipate that heat. We hear about the Heat Index all the time because there is great danger for people who are not healthy enough to withstand these extreme swings in temperature, every year in Kentucky people suffer and die from the dangers of heat.  Young babies are left in hot cars and the elderly fall by the wayside doing yard work or just walking to the mailbox because they get dehydrated, too hot and organs shut down.  Adults with high blood pressure, heart or lung conditions and diabetes are at risk, as well as the air pollution.  Please use caution!

Check out the chart, with an 88° temp (not uncommon in BG) and 70% humidity you are raising the Heat Index to make it feel a smothering 100° temp.  Feeling this hot you are flirting with danger; fatigue, heat exhaustion, and possible heat stroke (sun-cooked brains).  When you have to schedule activities or want to be outside this summer treat any Heat Index temperature above 90° with caution and consider these tips to prepare:

  1. Acclimation – give your body short periods (30-50mins) of time outdoors to adjust to the Sun
  2. Time of day – best time to be outdoors is before 10am and after 6:30pm (avoid 12-4pm)
  3. Clothing – wear breathable, light colors, sunglasses for your eyes, sunscreen if you want
  4. Hydrate – 100 ounces plus 50z. every 15-20mins outdoors (electrolyte replacement for long sun exposer)
  5. If you feel nauseous, light-headed, sick, have blurred vision, or get muscle cramps, get of sun and seek medical help – could be signs of heat stroke
  6. Check on neighbors, parents, and grand-parents – The elderly and young are especially vulnerable to the heat. 
Sweltering heat and humidity in Bowling Green can cause health issues and be life-threatening as well as cause energy issues and even blackouts.  Look over the 7-day forecast and alter plans if need be, the heat of the Sun isn’t the kind of heat you want to mess around with – don’t take any chances, remember some of these tips to beat the Heat Index.

GT Get Fit Tip: Train for Your Body Type

Do you do Elliptical for cardio?

How bout drops sets on leg day?

When’s the last time you did anaerobic threshold training?

The type of training you do at the gym and how you feed yourself throughout the day may be keeping you from achieving desired results.

Knowing the science behind your body type can save you many hours in the gym and more time outside doing things you enjoy.

What ‘s your body type?

Look at Arnold – what kind of body type does he have?  This was the CA Gov!!

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GT Get Fit tip: Working for the Weekend

Monday is no fun, but what about the TGIF’ers?

Hey Loverboy some of us ARE workin for the weekend

Most people who let go on the weekends eating and drinking are usually up about 3lbs on Monday’s weigh in

– not good

3lbs is too much
1lb is ok
-1lb or more is a WIN!!

Be mindful of what your eating on the weekends, its easier to burn 3lbs off when your happy with what you weigh.


Avoiding Childhood Obesity (BG Parent Magazine)

Here are 5 proven ways to promote health and wellness
in your family. Give yourself and your family the chance to
adjust and make plans as you go. Encourage every member
to provide input and be a part of something that is positive
and benefits the family as a whole.

Be the Example
Time after work should incorporate leisure activities outside of the home. Get MOTIVATED, incorporate structured physical activities like sports or exercise. Join a gym or go to the park for a nature walk. Take advantage of the local parks. Kereiakes, Preston Miller, Roland Bland and H.P. Thomas, as well as Lost River Cave & Valley all offer walking or nature trails. This is a fun and free way to promote exercise within your family.

Don’t use Food as a Reward
Success of a measured outcome deserves parental acknowledgement but that reward does not have to encompass food. Take kids to a movie or add up points for a favorite vacation destination.

Limit Tv, Game, Cell Phone, and Computer Time
Spending excessive amounts of time in front of the TV or computer can lead to mindless snacking causing weight gain and weight-related health problems. Try to make it a rule to eat all meals and snacks while sitting at the table.

Teach your Kids to Cook
Show them what is included in a healthy meal and how to incorporate fruits, vegetables, whole grains and lean meats. Teach children what foods are healthy and allowed to eat; not what is forbidden!

Family Time
Parents that are too tried after work to provide a nutritious meal for their family will often resort to restaurants. While dining out, it is hard to control portion size when you are paying top dollar for a plate of food. Preparing meals at home not only provides balanced nutrients but also can be a way to promote family time and enjoy the opportunity to get involved in your children’s lives.

Obesity kills, help stop obesity related diseases in Kentucky. All of us can if you will. For more information or to find out where I am training feel free to contact me by email at:

About the author
David has made physical fitness and healthy living a lifelong quest. He is the owner of a local fitness studio in Bowling Green. He holds a M.S. in Exercise Science from WKU and has been certified by the American College of Sports Medicine.

Healthy F Words

Healthy F Words

From Dr. Oz

Fiber, flaxseed and FITNESS are some of Dr. Oz’s favorite words –

Can u guess any others?

Complex is really Simple

Just watched this awesome 3:43 video about Complexity and got me thinking real “simply”

Very simply the reason I get out of bed is to meet someone who’s health and well-being could benefit from my education and expertise in the human body and fitness.  That’s why I took out a business loan, that’s why I bought my own exercise equipment and that is the only reason I am spending my time writing this blog (THANKS for reading)

The  whole “obesity” problem boils down to one thing, If WE can get YOU to get up, get fit and get toned, then all of US win.  I promise that if you make a difference in your life, someone will notice and be motivated and so excited for you that because of you they will want to make change too!  We all want to be part of a  successful and prosperous group.

So back to my original thought – it simply starts with one person or family member to motivate another and we will all benefit from this connected effort to better health and well-being.

All of Us can, if You will

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