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The price you pay for fitness

Personal training is too expensive!!

Since I started personal training 2001 I have heard this so many times!!

I usually don’t argue or try to sell people bc if they are shopping price then they probably aren’t  just ready yet to commit to fitness.

That’s not always true with every person, for all the real salesman out there that know “Selling 101″ I am probably missing it by a long shot but I’m not a salesman, I am a trainer!!

When a perspective clients calls and wants to know price I tell them $99 consultation fee and monthly workout fees or $5 single sessions they sometimes say wow, “that’s too expensive – Why do you have a $99 fee, can you waive that?”

My reply is NO, because I have to know your health history, you goals, your measurements, strengths and weakness.  I just can’t throw you to the wolves and expect you to start losing body fat day 1, there is a process I have to show you, I need to teach you about nutrition for your body and how to workout properly  – other “workout places” waive fees bc they don’t care if you come or not, it’s just a numbers game to them.  Heck some places don’t care if you even get hurt, they have physical therapists waiting because they know you will!!

GT is different, my well-being depends on you succeeding, if you don’t show up, I don’t feed my family

We need a car to get to work, and get around in, this is what we need



This is what we really want and try to get if we can




If you think paying personal training or GT Fitness is “too expensive” I have 4 questions to ask you

  1. Is there an unhealthy habit you can remove from your life to make room for your wellness goals?
  2. How much do you spend eating out a month? Can you go out 2x less a month, so you can afford your wellness/body fat goals?
  3. How much can you afford, I can make a package to suit your financial needs?
  4. What’s $xx off of your pay check?

Let’s face it, sometimes people just want a deal!!

I got one of those if you want



Any questions or concerns please email me, Twitter @NuckolsD, or Facebook David Nuckols – GT Fitness

Junk food, health food what’s the difference

If you look at these two nutrition labels and break down what they are you may be surprised

One of these foods is considered “healthy” and good for you and the other is touted by many as a “junk food”

Break down the labels they are comparable in total calories but one has more fiber, less sugar, less cholesterol, less saturated fat

If you were to think that it’s a better choice because of those qualifications alone you may be missing the big picture – you don’t know what you are really eating unless you look at the label



Personal Trainer’s number one recommendation: eat more PROTEIN

most my clients DO NOT eat enough protein!!

eat more fish

eat more seeds

eat more nuts

eat more beef

eat more chicken

eat more dairy

eat more cheese

eat more seafood

also eat more bean, legumes soy & grains


I believe you can eat over half your weight in grams of protein: Example you weigh 150lbs you should eat about 80g of protein a day

here are some ideas of how much protein is in some foods we eat

8 ounces milk or yogurt: 8 – 16 grams protein, depending on the type
1/2 cup cooked beans or tofu: 8 grams protein
1 ounce meat/fish/chicken/cheese (the leaner the meat, the more protein and the fewer calories): 7 grams protein
1 large egg: 7 grams protein
1/2 cup cooked or one ounce dry (1 slice bread) grain: 3 grams protein
1/2 cup cooked or one cup raw vegetables: 2 grams protein

if you build more muscle tissue you can burn more calories and fat by increasing your metabolism ( every pound of muscle gain equals about 35-50 calorie burn extra per day).  You need the protein, you need the amino acids (broken down protein) you need to eat more!!!

Also you need to workout, let me know if you need any help




6 pack Abs – it’s more than just a workout

back to school time: I am thinking of a class to offer here at the studio – if you like this or have any ideas let me know

6 pack Abs – it’s more than just a workout -each 50min session is broken down into nutrition education and workouts to maximize your ability to learn about the right foods to eat and burn the maximum amount of calories

We are what we eat

Being a personal trainer my main focus and most enjoyment comes from doing workouts and helping people build strength and confidence in their own body and abilities.

On the flip side you can’t workout good and eat bad, nutrition is paramount in everything we do.  You can’t outwork a bad diet, if you don’t eat right you wont maximize gains/

Taking a positive approach let me say that the eating part for me is the easiest, but for most my clients it’s where they fall short and have the biggest problem.

If we eat too much or too little our body will store fat.  Eat more calories and lift weights the body will want to build muscle. Skip meals & you increase cortisol production and store more body fat. Eat light & often you can keep your thermogenic burn going and keep your metabolism revved up throughout the day.

The trick is then to eat lite, eat often with lean high quality protein, fruits & vegetables, seeds and nuts with good fats

We are what we eat, What are you?

What’s your Frequency?

More frequency or less?

how frequent do you go out to eat?

How frequent do you cook at home?

How frequent do workout?

How frequent do you change your workout?

Do you rest frequently?

How frequent do you get sick?

How frequent do you go to the doctor?

How frequent do you miss work?

How frequent do you take a vacation?

If you had a favorite frequency, what would it be?



Apple a day

One of my best clients brought up the other day in the studio that he made a decision not to eat after he got off work at 9pm.  He has already lost over -25lbs  but since the holiday eating he is ready to lose a few more.

We both agreed that if you’re not willing to eat an apple then you really aren’t that hungry.

That makes sense to me.

If you aren’t willing to eat a fruit or vegetable when you are hungry then you really aren’t hungry, you are just craving!!

Try it next time – it works

Saturday workouts

Saturday workouts are like eating steak & eggs for breakfast – You don’t always have to but when you do, you just feel so much better!!

Feast or Famine for Thanksgiving

We are starting are Thanksgiving workouts now, I want to help you burn the calories from dinner before you ever sit down to eat!!

Here are some numbers I found to put things in perspective for you (


The amount of calories an average woman needs each day

The amount of calories an average man needs each day

The estimated amount of calories in a typical Thanksgiving meal, including turkey, side dishes, and dessert

5,000 to 6,000
The estimated amount of calories people consume throughout Thanksgiving Day — roughly triple the recommended daily intake

The amount of calories in an average serving of a traditionally prepared Thanksgiving turkey

Grams of fat in an average serving of a traditionally prepared Thanksgiving turkey

The amount of calories in a softball-sized serving of stuffing

Grams of fat in a softball-sized serving of stuffing, or “the amount of fat you’d gobble up in a large, fast food serving of french fries,” says Darlene Zimmerman at the Detroit Free Press

The amount of calories in a small, lightbulb-sized slice of pumpkin pie

The amount of calories in a small, lightbulb-sized slice of pecan pie

Calories in a typical three-ounce glass of red wine

The amount of calories needed for the body to create one extra pound of fat

500 to 700
Calories that healthy dieters should aim for in their Thanksgiving meal, as recommended by health experts at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center

The number of minutes it takes for a 150-pound person to burn 500 calories by jogging at a moderate pace, according to

Sources: Boston GlobeDetroit Free PressLivestrong.comLA Times,Las Vegas Review JournalNaturally SavvyShape


Split ends, brittle nails, there’s food for that

Giving a talk this morning at the beauty college, they are talking about nutrition and asked me to come over. Here are my notes

Hair & Nails

Vit C ( asorbic acid )
– reduces split ends, supports growth

Eat: peppers, leafy vegetables, broccoli, Tomoatoes

Biotin – Vit H ( B Vitamins) -helps metabolize protien to keep nails strong
Eat: eggs, nuts, whole grain, mushrooms

Iron & Zinc – minerals for hair loss and brittle
Eat: Chicken, beef, turkey, spinach

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