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Why do you want to lose weight?


I don’t care what you weigh and I’m the personal trainer that tells you that the first day you come workout with me

There are a few different types of weight on your body

  • hair
  • shoes
  • clothes
  • water
  • food
  • muscle
  • fat


Most people going to the gym go to lose weight, but its not about what you weigh

When we workout we want to burn fat and build muscle.  Muscle has weight too

Ever hear somebody say “Muscle weighs more than fat?”

They are WRONG – 5lbs of muscle weighs 5lbs, 5lbs of Fat weighs 5lbs right?

We want to increase our weight in muscle bc when we workout our muscle burns fat, the more muscle we have the more fat we burn when we workout

So why do you want to lose weight?

Saturday workouts

Saturday workouts are like eating steak & eggs for breakfast – You don’t always have to but when you do, you just feel so much better!!

Flu shot? this is not for me

I won’t be getting a flu shot this year, this is why


Sick, fat, tired – Eat less processed foods in 2013

Some of y’all might know this, and some of y’all don’t
Some of y’all might be with this, and some of y’all won’t
But listen, let me clear my throat ~DJ KOOL

Zija this, Sensa that, Nutri-system, South Beach, Atkins, Oz, GNC, Vitamin-world, Zone diet, Weigh Watchers, Blood type diet, Daniel Diet just to name a few (here’s 100 more diets) 

All of these “diets” are designed to get you to do one thing — EAT LESS

More importantly they want you to purchase their products and make them money in the process.

If they all worked, or if any one of them worked better than the rest then there would be no other option.  (Don’t forget the Dr’s diets & pills)

These diet plans don’t want you to be successful, NO NO NO – if you won then they would lose all their business, one client at a time.  That would be silly of them don’t you think (Steve Jobs Iphone3, 3G, 4, 4S, & 5)

It’s called a “hook, line & sinker” most people are so far off the eating spectrum (not eating fruits & vegetables) that once they curb their 4000-7000 daily calorie intake and use their featured product, they lose a little weight, best thing that’s happened since sliced bread they think, and IT WAS EASY!!

It’s Christmas time, do yourself a favor, eat less processed foods in 2013 because that could be what’s making you sick, fat & tired

eating this way makes you sick

eating this way makes you sick
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