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TED: Information is Food – JP Rangaswami

“If you begin to think of all the information you consume as being food, What would you do differently?”  JP Rangaswami

Why do we have BRAINS?

We have brains to move!

We move to get food, find a place to sleep and reproduce, that about sums it up.  I was lucky enough to study Kinesiology and biomechanics in college and I apply those principles in personal training everyday.

This video is 20 mins and gets crazy in the middle with stats and graphs, but you will get the point in the first 5 mins

Joshua Walters: On being just crazy enough (@TED)

New Blueprints for a New Civilization

for TRK

Marcin Jakubowski: Open-sourced blueprints for



11yr old Birke Baehr: his thoughts on food from TED

This 11yr old gives his thoughts on food – if you have any children let them watch this and get their opinions

Leave a comment about yours.

I LOVE to discuss mine!!

Save world hunger, eat less Carbs #gettoned

Jason Clay: How big brands can help save biodiversity

One American eats as much as 43 Africans in one lifetime.

Jason Clay is a WWF vice-president who works with big corporations to transform the global markets they operate in, so we can produce more with less land, less water and less pollutionFull bio and more links

Pilobolus (dance company) the art of human movement

The phenakistoscope – a couple waltzing

Image via Wikipedia

The art of human movement

Balance, stability, coordination.  Our life involves all three.   Our body moves within itself (cells, organs) to help us move ourselves (body,skills, career choice) and together we as individuals make a (changing) society.

The differences when compared to human movement, reflect our spatial awareness – the ability we have to recognize our bodies in a given space or plain.

Watch Pilobolus stretch (literally) the possibilities of the human body in a dynamic depiction of biological relationships.

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