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Angry Screaming Spitting Goat

Google’s driverless car: TED

Looking back one day we will ask ourselves

“Why did we ever let young humans operate a driving vehicle?”

Dodge Ball time!! GT Fitness #gettoned2011

@jessiemathieu shows why!! -275lbs of Fat in this quest for -2011


GT Fitness Ab day 3-2-11

This a sample of the workout we did today for Abs – this workout focused on Abs  and hip flexors -meaning you will feel it tomorrow

Back Pain Relief – Transverse Abdominis Workout

Back pain is caused when the lumbar push against the nerves that run through the spine.

Some of the most common causes of PAIN are

34 week twin belly picture

The irritation and inflammation is sometimes so brutal tha people will resort to narcotics and their side effects just to get through the day.

I recommended stretching and losing weight first, but for most strengthening the transverse abdominis is a great place to start.

Transversus       abdominus from the front

Think back to Dolly, the TA is what wraps around your stomach and helps you squeeze in and out when you breathe and sing.  The TA supports the spine and helps keep it erect and intact while the body is torqued or put under physical stress throughout the day.

Back pain is not normal so if you break it down to the cause you help build from the source up.  Try these simple exercises for starters

also watch : HARD (but correct) way to do PLANKS

Black Widow @jmathieu11 STRIKES again (almost)

Here’s Bobby doing GT pushups – @gettonedfitness

Watch Bobby – this is how we do push-ups

Do you see guys at your gym doing this? You will

Get Motivated GET TONED

3 Min workout to get you a killer Butt, Hips, and Thighs with David from @gettonedfitness

Video post  at the Sam 100.7 radio station

For someone who never worked out before – she worked it out

Sharon never worked out before, she just wanted to get toned.  Down 18-20lbs and 10 in.   Thanks Sharon.

Enjoy life

Save world hunger, eat less Carbs #gettoned

Jason Clay: How big brands can help save biodiversity

One American eats as much as 43 Africans in one lifetime.

Jason Clay is a WWF vice-president who works with big corporations to transform the global markets they operate in, so we can produce more with less land, less water and less pollutionFull bio and more links

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