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You burn more calories watching Tv and sleeping than exercising – no joke

Most adults burn more calories watching tv & sleeping in a week than they do working out – no joke

Why do we have BRAINS?

We have brains to move!

We move to get food, find a place to sleep and reproduce, that about sums it up.  I was lucky enough to study Kinesiology and biomechanics in college and I apply those principles in personal training everyday.

This video is 20 mins and gets crazy in the middle with stats and graphs, but you will get the point in the first 5 mins

GT Get Fit Tip: Betty White’s Top 10 Tips for Living Long and Healthy Life

Betty White at the 1988 Emmy Awards.

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Betty White’s Top 10 on Letterman

GT Get Fit Tip: Sleep Hygiene

Getting a good nights sleep is paramount with health and well-being.  The amount of sleep time we have during the dark night can be limited due to life’s stress, so the time you do have to sleep should be of high quality.

Poor sleep hygiene could be the reason you feel the way you feel about yourself, family, work, or life in general.  A tired body is a stressed body that will not perform to its highest capability, therefore you could find yourself on the short end of the goals and aspirations you seek.

Good Sleep Hygiene:

  1. avoid caffeine before bed
  2. avoid hot & spicy foods before bed
  3. exercise regularly
  4. have a cool sleeping environment
  5. eliminate TV before bed (swap for radio)
  6. check your medications for non-drowsiness
  7.  arthritis, acid reflux with heartburn, menstruation, headaches and hot flashes interrupt sleep
  8. start in your favorite sleeping position
  9. try meditation or relaxation techniques before bed
  10. reserve the bed for sex and sleep
These are some quick tips you can do at home, if you feel like you need special attention you can seek your physcian for help, or if your old school like me I don’t believe in “restless-leg syndrome” but I do beleive in working all day and being dead tired ready for a good nights rest.
If your body is tired, you will sleep.
Buenos noches!!!

100 Foods to help YOU #GETTONED

Here is a great list of everyday foods that you can get at the store to that will add some energy and production to your day.

If you are planning a trip to the grocery take a minute to pick some items from this list to improve digestion, sleep, blood pressure, brain energy and avoid colds and boost immune system.

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If your Human – you have a natural Sleep pattern – Vampires are different

Your body internal “clock” – You natuarally want to sleep 2 times a night – between 8pm and 12am and again around 2am and Sunrise with some quiet bed meditation time.  Most people’s stress and “modern ways” alter this natural phenomenon.

“chickity-check yo self before you wreck yo self” O’Shea Jackson

Canadian: Jessa Gamble: Our natural sleep cycle

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