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Frozen Dinners

I have talked about “pre-packaged meals” since 2001 and the first thing I do to help new clients lose body fat (endomorphs, mesomorphs) is to stop them eating these poor quality meals.

I’m so glad to hear mainstream media talking about this food subject and when I came across this pic I had to post it.

What would happen if you only ate fruits and vegetables for lunch over 10 days?


Madonna Celebrity Arm Workout (very funny)

Concert de Madonna à Paris Bercy, Août 2006

Concert de Madonna à Paris Bercy, Août 2006 (Photo credit: johanlb)

ok so today is a workout I saw Madonna’s trainer doing with her one time on t.v.

I laugh because I do a variation of this same workout in my studio but when Madonna or another famous person does it then it’s considered “celebrity”

Once its deemed high-profile moves that stars will do with their trainers then a magazine like People will pick it up and run it on their cover and sell ads in the back to make more money off it

We will be doing it on live on the GTWorkout cam today so tune in – I will have a video posted incase you miss it

it’s a simple three movement shoulder routine you can do at home with soup cans if you have no weights

check it out #GTfitBG 

GT Fit Workout Live: Lowerbody Tues

watch the studio cam and see us doing squats with dumbbells and glute kickbacks.  Everyday we target a different major muscle groups to maximize our calorie burn and thoroughly train our physique.  We are not here to get big, we workout to GET TONED!!

check it out – #GTfitBG

GT Workout Live: Hamstrings

today’s workout “LIFTER & SHIFTER” – great hamstring workout that helps give us a lift and shape our behind!!


Whistles and honks will ensue – check out #GTfitBG to see us workout

GT Fit live workout: Bicep/Tricep work

Dodge ball today – I got something to throw too!!

today’s workout is upper body lots of Bicep/Tricep work

check it out #GTfitBG

GT Workout Live: Shoulder workout

tune in today 3:30pm-630pm for today’s upper body workout – you can see us working our shoulders on the cam


Green and Orange workout

If you wear green and orange clothes to workout in then I have something for you

It doesn’t matter when or where you workout, this week happens to be Spring Break week

If you click this link on your smart phone #GTfitBG (times vary)

This will let you in on what we do in today’s workout

Take a peek on me, You might see something you know and can do it on the beach too


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