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The human brain and sets of three’s

Our brain likes to see and hear things in 3’s

3 Wise Men

Three blind mice, 3 little pigs, 3 billy goats gruff

red, yellow, green stoplight

red, white, blue American flag

Three Stooges

Three Amigos

Stop, drop roll, I could go on, you get the picture

Todays workout is no different, I have 3 sets of leg exercises, one set is strength for the quads, one set is conditioning for the calves, and the last one is cardio for burning more fat

and thats it, the good, the bad, the ugly

Will you Still Love Me? Chicago’s Jason Scheff if I post on You

Awesome morning on the @tonyroseshow (mornings 6:20am) got to meet Mr. Jason Scheff

His claim to fame came when he took over for Chicago’s front man Peter Cetera in the 1980’s and penned a top 10 hit song

after all he has been through in his life he took the time to pass on a book that influenced him with a personal note

I really appreciate that Jason  and want to say #THANKS

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