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Easiest way to help people’s diet

One big problem I see among clients is under-eating at breakfast and lunch, then getting home at night after work to overindulge or “blow their diet”

One of the easiest ways to help remedy this is eating early and eating often throughout the day, experiment a little to find something that works bc what you’re doing now may not be working!!

Try to eat more fruits & vegetables in the morning & protein at lunch, stay away from extra carbs, starch, sugars & processed foods at night before you go to bed.  Use a food diary tool like #myfitnesspal to log and track micronutrients

If you need more nutrition tips or workouts message me and let me know how I can help

Thoughts on Fitness

-Being consistent over time is what matters most in fitness – not what you did 3 days ago.

-You can’t fall off the wagon if you were never moving in the first place

-Don’t put other people over yourself when you’re the one that hurts most

-You can make excuses and be miserable with what life hands you

– or Live to Give

IGOT SOME if You Need it

Bulimic patterns: All or Nothing

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All or Nothing people  see things in black-and-white categories most of the time. If your performance falls short of perfect, you see yourself as a total failure. Your thought patterns can affect your outlook on life.

All or Nothing dieting in my opinion is a mild form of Bulimia.  I say this because these types of people will restrict calories and then binge once or twice a week or a few times a month which is a common characteristic in bulimic mentality.  Most bulimics self-esteem is affected by how the perceive their weight and body shape.

Bulimic patterns:

1. mental concerns about body weight/shape

2. strict dieting/exercise rules

3. mishap followed w/ binge eating or excessive exercise

4. mental concerns about body weight/shape

vicious pattern repeats itself

The mental and physical anguish continues to repeat itself and its common amongst men as well as women.  They watch their calorie intake all week-long while at work or cooking at home, then on Friday somebody wants dinner and a cocktail then all hell breaks loose followed by a two-day weekend binge.


There is a better way, relax and take a minute to focus on the big picture, your overall health.  You need to make small realistic changes that you can stick with  mentally.  There is a distinction between healthy body weight and fat vs. unhealthy bodyweight and fat.  Too much diet or too much exercise can have negative results on the body and cause body function breakdowns.  There has to be a balance and tasteful compliment of nutrition and exercise for a person to maintain a healthy body.  One without the other is counterproductive.

Bulimia is a serious mental/physical issue and I’m not saying everyone is bulimic but if you know someone who suffers from the sings or symptom  then  contact a healthcare provider for a professional opinion.

Are you first or last? This race is for Life

What did you do today?  Was it spent doing something that you want to do or something you had to do?  What did your friends and family do with their time?

Life has us going in all different directions throughout day and night that we sometimes forget about ourselves.  We put other peoples priorities first and neglect our own, by the end of the day we are out of time and energy.  If we were to rank priorities where would you put yourself, first or last?

If you were to put yourself as a first priority and really focus 30-50 mins (out of a 24 hr day) most days of the week to your health and fitness what could you accomplish?

If you become stronger, faster, and leaner, what couldn’t you accomplish?

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