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Kids opening Presents – Funny or Die HAPPY HOLIDAYS

Sorry – its been one of those days

Why I do, What I do

I just had one of those days, the kind that when it’s all over with and your glad to be home and done with.  You can kick back, relax and take the time to process it all in.

Today was that day – let me share

This mornings and evenings group came in and cut this “Ab” workout like it was chocolate cake.  I have this solid little core of people who have been busting ass all summer and have lost over 300lbs combined.  They have literally trained with blood, sweat and tears, not just to lose weight; that’s a result that takes place, they come train with me 3-5 days a week because they believe that as PARENTS, family, and friends they have a responsibility to make changes and maintain a standard of health to raise and grow their families, to be a producer in our society.

They believe in HEALTH AND FITNESS

I am so glad because one lady in particular has come full circle to the point she is breaking down FDA news articles for what they mean and not what they say!  So HAPPY she read the article today about “high-fructose corn syrup” being changed to “corn sugar” on package labels.  She made the connection that it doesn’t change the effects on peoples health, just the name on the label.

YESSS!!!! Took the words right out of my mouth, I almost hugged her neck!!!

That is why I get out of bed every day, to help educate people about what I learned through graduate research on the science of nutrition and human movement.

I think the human body is so amazing and to see people walk around diseased, malnourished, and so out of tune with their own BODY, it hurts me down inside.  So bad I want to smack some people just to wake them up, instead I make them row an extra 500m – 1000m!!

You don’t know what you don’t know.  I’m here to give you my opinion, with that and $.99 you can go out and get a cheeseburger.

What’s your opinion? Like belly buttons, (most) everybody’s got one.

Homemade Medicine Ball workout from @DwNuckols

Homemade Medicine Ball- make one for as little as 10 bucks and weighs about 20 pounds. Do about 25 reps and 25 squats with it.

Video post from Sam 100.7  @tonyroseshow

2011 GE will release “NUCLEUS” and change the economics of energy

Changing the economics of energy

General Electric is leading the way for consumer energy management systems. In 2011, they will be launching Nucleus, GE Brillion’s first home energy monitor. Nucleus is a small device that plus into any electrical outline in a home. The device then communicates wirelessly with smart appliances in the home and energy companies and then transmits data back to the homeowner’s computer or iPhone.

full post

Sea Salt & Vinegar potato chips means time to “gain and train” #gettoned

Fall – time is near, last week of Aug and cooler weather is around the corner.  Your body will give you hunger cues to feed and make body fat for the cold winter weather.  Animals graze and eat all summer long, humans do it too.   You automatically want to eat and drink more because the extra fat will keep you warm.

I recommended everyone gain around 10lbs of solid weight not only for warmth but for using the extra energy to add lean muscle tissue to the body frame and increasing our ability to burn calories and fat to make weight for Spring Break.  Coming into Feb I will talk more cutting weight tips.  

Now its time to gain and train!!

Just a quick thought as I sit here and eat a little snack.

I say little because these things are so dang salty that you can only eat about 3-4 at a time.  #gettoned

Are you first or last? This race is for Life

What did you do today?  Was it spent doing something that you want to do or something you had to do?  What did your friends and family do with their time?

Life has us going in all different directions throughout day and night that we sometimes forget about ourselves.  We put other peoples priorities first and neglect our own, by the end of the day we are out of time and energy.  If we were to rank priorities where would you put yourself, first or last?

If you were to put yourself as a first priority and really focus 30-50 mins (out of a 24 hr day) most days of the week to your health and fitness what could you accomplish?

If you become stronger, faster, and leaner, what couldn’t you accomplish?

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