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No pills, no powders, no gimmicks #gettoned2011

Two Lassa Witch Doctors

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Do you know what your MED’s for exercise are?  I am not referring to what you get from the Doctors office, I am talking about MED’s or the “minimum effective dose” of exercise.

What is the minimum effort or time you can devote to yourself and body for better health and well-being?

24hrs in a day

-8hrs sleep

-8hrs work

That amount or number can vary from person to person but what I want to emphasize there is a significant amount of times you can show up for exercise/workouts to see results.  A number that could equal 4-15 sessions a month.

Exercise is Medicine and just by starting the process of being mindful of what you eat and have more total body awareness about how you think, act and feel you will be on your way to a  healthy lifestyle you can maintain.

No pills, no powders, no gimmicks

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