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What you weigh is overrated

As a personal trainer I don’t care what you weigh – now if you have 50lbs of extra body fat you carry around by all means lets lose some weight

I believe body fat and your body type are more important to your physique and well-being than just your weight alone

I tell all my female clients to be @30% BF or below – male clients @20% BF  or below

You vs.You

One of the hardest things to grasp for some people is the “diet” part of losing body fat weight

I have it broken down for you over 10 days that I can assure you will succeed

It’s you vs. you & I’m on your side

last supper

my last supper tonight before the food challenge is my favorite mashed potatoes – with baked spicy chicken and asparagus

I will be using the “lose it” app and “food burner” app to track my calories

I’m weighing In at 161 and 13% body fat – my goal in 10 days is 155 and 8-10% body fat

We have 25 people signed in and ready to go – I am very excited to get the results – I will post them soon

Any suggestions or questions please let me know, the 10 day food challenge is a great place for anybody to help start burning body fat

GT Get Fit Tip: Obliques

Wednesday at the studio is Abs day  – we do core (abs, lower back) exercises every day in every workout but on Wed I like to target the abs specifically.

Today’s workout is Obliques, and the reason I wanted to make this post and draw attention the obliques is because we ALL want 6-pack abs but you can’t see your abs if you can’t see your obliques.  

We are thinner towards are rib-cage and in order to see your abs you have to define your obliques.  The muscle is thin but if the fat is thick then you don’t stand a chance.  Diet and nutrition are key, 10,000 crunches won’t cut it.

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