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30 min Pre Christmas workout

Today’s workout is designed to be a quick/hard full body 30 min workout since Christmas falls on a Tue Wed and the studio will be closed the middle of the week.

Most all our workouts are 30mins,  thats because I don’t believe a person needs 2 hrs to get a good workout


the workout, the grump and happy people

Real weight loss – this is not a fad

this is real weight loss – it happens over time, you have to eat, you have to workout, you have to recover and then do it again (congrats SuzanN!!)

real weight loss

Why do you?

What is your “why”

Why do you eat what you eat?

Why do you workout?

Why do you take “medicine”

Why do you sleep at night?

To me your why is more important than your what or how


6 pack Abs – it’s more than just a workout

back to school time: I am thinking of a class to offer here at the studio – if you like this or have any ideas let me know

6 pack Abs – it’s more than just a workout -each 50min session is broken down into nutrition education and workouts to maximize your ability to learn about the right foods to eat and burn the maximum amount of calories

too much of a good thing

Best thing about new people starting at the studio is that they are gung-ho, motivated and ready to make a difference.  Few weeks pass and goals are being met, results are showing and the momentum keeps growing.

One thing I always remind people of is that a little bit is good, but sometimes more isn’t always better.

The body has to rest to recover from a workout, a body that doesn’t rest is broken down and weak


Theses 5 foods will help your skin complexion

5 foods for good skin

Just had discussion on foods for your skin, since we have a lot of ladies here at the studio we always talk about this kind of stuff so I wanted to make a quick post about it

bottom line — more F&V’s

foods for skin

What’s your Frequency?

More frequency or less?

how frequent do you go out to eat?

How frequent do you cook at home?

How frequent do workout?

How frequent do you change your workout?

Do you rest frequently?

How frequent do you get sick?

How frequent do you go to the doctor?

How frequent do you miss work?

How frequent do you take a vacation?

If you had a favorite frequency, what would it be?



Plank Fly – GT Fitness

Personal Training 101: great clients make great trainers

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