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GT Get Fit Tip: Analyzing Your Results

This spring makes my 11th year doing personal training and March is always the BEST and WORST month.  This time in early spring is a great time to analyze your results.  You want to stop now and look at your workouts, nutrition, and recovery to make sure you are on track for spring and summer break.

I track body fat for clients because that’s most important when you talk about being toned, the weight or “mass” is irrelevant when 33% of your total weight is all flabby and muffin top (you skinny bitch!!)  I preach all the time about getting stronger, faster and becoming leaner through a little working out and eating fruits and vegetables, I say it over and over and over again.  Image

My point today is to remind you guys that stepping on the scale and weighing is not the only way to track progress.  We all want to look respectable and some of us even want to be a bad ass about it but I want to remind you to be appreciative of your health and well-being and motivate some one else to be happy too.


What does it take to motivate you to lose -5lbs?

GT Get Fit Tip: Yes You Can

Here is a pic I saw on Tumblr – had to share

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