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GT Get Fit Tip: Betty White’s Top 10 Tips for Living Long and Healthy Life

Betty White at the 1988 Emmy Awards.

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Betty White’s Top 10 on Letterman

GT Get Fit Tip: Workouts Under the Influence of Drugs/Alcohol

Just finished making up part of tomorrows workout – upper body Mon

here’s a fitness tip that came to mind:

DO NOT WORKOUT under the influence of drugs/alcohol

Dodge Ball time!! GT Fitness #gettoned2011

@jessiemathieu shows why!! -275lbs of Fat in this quest for -2011


GT Get Fit Tip – 4-6wks for CHANGE!!

Every diet and exercise plan works if its different from what you did before!! 4-6wks will tell you what to do again

This reminds me of Spring – can’t wait!!!

For someone who never worked out before – she worked it out

Sharon never worked out before, she just wanted to get toned.  Down 18-20lbs and 10 in.   Thanks Sharon.

Enjoy life

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