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Eating food does not make you fat

Eating too much food makes you fat.

Looking at the weather app this morning it was about 27 Fahrenheit, one of the coldest days this fall, when I feel this cold air on my face and body I get this funny feeling I WANT TO EAT!!

I believe that humans on Earth that experience seasonal changes like summer, spring, fall & winter will naturally have the propensity to want to forge and eat more food coming out of fall and into winter.  .

Second helpings, more trips at the drive-thru, plus office cookies, cakes, and pot-lucks (don’t forget about that candy in your purse from Halloween) these are easy all places to get more calories.  We take all these opportunities to eat because are body is telling us to eat so it can make more fat.

We need fat for organ function first and foremost.  Our body also uses fat to protect & insulate our organs so having fat around your vital organs or stomach is inevitable.

It all boils back down to how many calories you eat in a day – the average human needs about 1800-2200 kcals of food a day to maintain weight.  Every 3500 kcals you burn you will lose one pound of fat and thats what we want, we want to BURN fat.

The holidays are fast approaching, you will either gain or lose weight, YOU have a choice.

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