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What you weigh is overrated

As a personal trainer I don’t care what you weigh – now if you have 50lbs of extra body fat you carry around by all means lets lose some weight

I believe body fat and your body type are more important to your physique and well-being than just your weight alone

I tell all my female clients to be @30% BF or below – male clients @20% BF  or below

Sledge Hammer Blues – Circus Square Park

I have an uncle, his name is Uncle Jeffy, he has a brother, his name is Uncle Bobby

Uncle Bobby has band, their name is Sledge Hammer Blues Band

If you like blues and are at the Square tonight check out Bobby and his band – he has a great harmonica and flute bit he does – I’m going to record it tonight and post it bc nobody else has

Where thanks is due – Top 3 reasons

Some of my best clients come from BAC and Total Fitness here in Bowling Green

Top 3 reasons their patrons decide to try out my GT Fitness

  1. intimidated by the big gym (some women feel like “meat”)
  2. feel alone bc they don’t know what exercises to do or how to “diet”
  3. they can’t afford a personal trainer

I wouldn’t have a job without them – I owe it all to Rob and Todd for motivating me to be something different from they

Daily News Read All About It – The Hustle


College they say is no guarantee. I paid for a Masters in Exercise Science and figured out after 3yrs of working at the hospital that I wanted something else to do.

Social media has brought us to the point where conversation is possible to any person anywhere in the world.

College graduates at this moment have an opportunity to create projects or “work” on any level and move money their direction just by going out and doing the “hustle”







GT Get Fit Tip: Weigh Yourself in the Morning

The best time to weigh your body and track fat loss is in the morning.  During a nights sleep your metabolism burns about 90kcals/hr and almost all of those calories are Fat and water evaporation.

Being a personal trainer I like my clients to weigh in on Monday morning most of all because that helps them to be accountable for what they eat and drink over the weekends.

I had one client who would refuse to weigh  in and when he did that I knew he over ate on Sunday or had too many beers on Saturday.  It was easy to tell because he got defensive and would not look me into the eye.

I believe it’s exciting to weigh and see how much fat you have loss especially when you are striving to achieve a certain goal.  Knowing that you are one pound closer to the ultimate is a GREAT way to start an otherwise gloomy Monday.

10-day GT Food Challenge starts soon, I will set the food restrictions this week, stay tuned

Warren Co Schools Turns Head Against Obesity Issue

This Picture was on the front page Daily News and when I saw it my blood boiled!!  I’m all about family enrichment ideas but how in the world can you promote a doughnut eating program targeting kids?

Kentucky school children are fighting the worst Obesity epidemic this country has ever faced and then the Warren Co School Board and Rockfield Elementary promote doughnut eating.

The thing that upsets me the most is that Warren Co School Board already voted down a proposed Physical Activity Bill because Mike Wilson said   “I think we do a pretty good job of tracking food and nutrition anyway. It causes problems for us when Frankfortcomes out with something like this.”

Kids in this country today are expected to die sooner than ever before.  High blood pressure, type II diabetes, ADHD, irritable bowl, joint inflammation, and all sorts of adult health problems are being seen in the population of the young.  I believe the heart attack of today at 45yrs old will be the heart attack at 25 for kids born after 1995.  If you are a doctor, nurse or pharmaceutical sales then that’s good for job security but for me it’s very frustrating  because our kids are the future.

Kentucky is one of the worst in production, income, education but leading the nation in Obesity and health problems.

Something has to change and I’m here to help, just ask!!

Just my opinion, What’s yours?

Personal Training 101: Fat vs Muscle

Which is heavier, 5lbs of FAT or 5lbs of MUSCLE?

Muscle is more dense and fat has more displacement.

I have been a personal trainer since 2001 and this question is the one I hear most from people who are being less accountable with what they eat and how much activity they do.

The most important thing to learn here is that all the muscle in your body is what burns all the fat in your body.  Women will QUIT a training program because they “feel” they are getting “TOO BIG”!!

Muscle is lean, fat is flabby but 5lbs is 5lbs

GT Get Fit Tip: Best Time for a Jog

This is the best time of year to wake up in the morning and go for a jog or run.  The humidity is low & the temperature is below 75-80F, PERFECT for a jog!!

What if you are like me and DESPISE running? Well….

I admit it, I’m a personal trainer and do not prefer running so I spend +8 hours a day training clients without ever running on pavement,treadmills, black top, concrete or whatever.  People I train have different body types and most are packing a few EXTRA pounds so asking them to go from the couch to a 5k is bit ridiculous in my opinion.

The knees, hips and feet will love you for that one!!

Don’t give up on yourself, there is hope and lots of things we can do to lose a few pounds.

Bang a Gong – Get it on (Dodgeball!!)

Why do we have BRAINS?

We have brains to move!

We move to get food, find a place to sleep and reproduce, that about sums it up.  I was lucky enough to study Kinesiology and biomechanics in college and I apply those principles in personal training everyday.

This video is 20 mins and gets crazy in the middle with stats and graphs, but you will get the point in the first 5 mins

Fear of Self – For Fear Itself

Browsing the internet and found this quote from Harry S. Truman.   This is how I feel about the medical & fitness industry.  My only hope is that people come to understand the importance of self-awareness and where their place is among the grand scheme of things.

“I never give them [the public] hell. I just tell the truth, and they think it is hell.”  Harry S. Truman

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