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Beach body or beached whale?

Gym Memberships have their advantages no doubt about that.  Some of my best clients come from the gym bc they are overwhelmed with all the equipment, people and not knowing exactly what to do.

The whole reason I opened my training studio was to cut out the middle man and make personal trainers more accessible to everyday people.

New Years and Spring Break are around the corner and those every day people are going to want to be in shape, they need some good workouts to get that “beach body” some will want it more than others but the difference will be made in what you do from now till then.

It’s my job, I’m ready for this, are you?

GT Get Fit Tip: Good Food for Lunch

Think about this: If you buy good food for lunch, you will eat good food for lunch

Makes sense to me

Green and Orange workout

If you wear green and orange clothes to workout in then I have something for you

It doesn’t matter when or where you workout, this week happens to be Spring Break week

If you click this link on your smart phone #GTfitBG (times vary)

This will let you in on what we do in today’s workout

Take a peek on me, You might see something you know and can do it on the beach too


Sea Salt & Vinegar potato chips means time to “gain and train” #gettoned

Fall – time is near, last week of Aug and cooler weather is around the corner.  Your body will give you hunger cues to feed and make body fat for the cold winter weather.  Animals graze and eat all summer long, humans do it too.   You automatically want to eat and drink more because the extra fat will keep you warm.

I recommended everyone gain around 10lbs of solid weight not only for warmth but for using the extra energy to add lean muscle tissue to the body frame and increasing our ability to burn calories and fat to make weight for Spring Break.  Coming into Feb I will talk more cutting weight tips.  

Now its time to gain and train!!

Just a quick thought as I sit here and eat a little snack.

I say little because these things are so dang salty that you can only eat about 3-4 at a time.  #gettoned

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