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Simple trick using TV to lose body fat weight

Need to drop a few extra pounds?

Think about TV



Best workout – cardio, strength training

30 min Pre Christmas workout

Today’s workout is designed to be a quick/hard full body 30 min workout since Christmas falls on a Tue Wed and the studio will be closed the middle of the week.

Most all our workouts are 30mins,  thats because I don’t believe a person needs 2 hrs to get a good workout


Use it or lose it


Working smarter is way better than working harder.

When it comes to fat burning building muscle is the easiest way to burn more fat, that’s the smart way to do it – doing cardio trains your body to store fat for longer cardio sessions

If you don’t work and build your muscle then you will lose it and the ability to burn more fat

Ellipticals and cheap training – not in 2013

My thoughts on being cheap

I’m a salesman too – I sell SEXY LEG workouts

my rant on selling


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