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GT Get Fit Tip: Sweating and Body Heat

How hot is hot?

Exercising in the heat has its benefits.  I’m not talking about outside in the blazing lemon yellow sun but in a controlled environment like a personal training studio.

When you exercise outside you have to be mindful of the Heat Index, when we train at my studio its between 80-85º with fans blowing and little a/c.  There is a science behind this.

Cardiac Drift – this refers to the increase in “Q” (or cardiac output) and body temp.  As body temp increases so does Q therefore you burn more calories when you exercise in the heat.

Convection – when your body temp rises, the fans blowing air while you workout have a cooler temp and therefore act as air-conditioning to the body and helps keep you cool.  Once you have completed  the “warm-up” phase of your workout, you should have a nice sweat going and can feel the cool air.

Evaporation – when you start to sweat the heat is trapped in the sweat (filtered blood through the skin) and dripped down your shirt or on to the floor.

Radiation – after your workout and shower, when you sit down on a cool couch the heat from your body will be radiated to the furniture and walls that are warmed by your higher body temp

This is just a simple overview of how your body cools itself, people who sweat a lot are the ones that can keep themselves cooler when they need it.  The people that do not induce sweating are the ones that you have to worry about over heating.

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