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GT Get Fit Tip: Workout at any Age

Big upper body day – We have a great workout targeting shoulders, chest, bicpes, triceps, and abs.

I am using dumbells, machines, suspension training (TRX), a pole, cable machine and aerobic steps.

Watch the cam today #GTfitBG and you will see us in action and the best part of today’s workout is that if you look closely this workout fits all, you will see a nice range of ages from 8yrs old – 67yrs old.

Some gyms in Bowling Green like BAC and Total Fitness do not allow children to train with their moms and dads, not only do I allow it, I loathe the thought of not doing it!!

If you see us doing something today and have any questions please leave a comment, I woiuld love to help you too.

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