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3 reasons to workout in the “heat”

trying to make sense of

“hot yoga”

“sweat suits”

“85F studios & garage workouts”

and why you see people exercising in the hottest part of the day

Modifiable Risk

Meeting a class of young adults today to present a talk on modifiable and non-modifiable risk factors for heart disease,  

Heart attacks and stroke are the top killers for Ky residents these days and majority of the people who die early are smokers, over weight (+10lbs) or BOTH!!

We can’t change our height, age, or genetics (non-modifiable) but we can alter our weight, metabolism, and bone & joint healht.  Having a body that’s overweight slows you down, when you slow down you become at greater risk for weakening your heart muscle and becoming susceptible for stroke or heart attacks

The best exercise for a heart lasts only 20mins (weights, walking) and should be done most days of the week.  If you’re doing nothing, shame on you, if you eat too much, shame on you again, but if you are conscious of what you eat & drink with a little exercise, you should stave off high blood pressure and Type II diabetes.  

Be the difference

When is the last time you lost 5lbs and kept it off?   

Obesity is Bad

One Diet Soda a day may be BAD for your health

Daily diet soda tied to higher risk for stroke, heart attack

New Study suggest over 60% chance to develop vascular diseases and heart related illnesses by drinking diet soda daily

I agree with this study although I bought 3 2l for $3 at the gas station today.  Also this study only measured 2500 New Yorkers, who’s to say living in Ky it’s not greater or less of chance to die young from chronic disease?

I believe the increase in consumption of any so-called “soda”diet or not over time will have detrimental effects to health just like smoking cigarettes or taking prescription drugs in excess.

The human body can handle and adapt to almost any situation in moderation.

Even though a little bit may be good, a lot may not be better.

Try to drink less

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