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New Workout Times: schedule your workout – GT Fitness Personal Training

We are making a new workout schedule for the new season.

Please let us know what your ideal workout time is so we can provide a trainer to administer the exercises.  It is silly for you to be ready for a workout and not know what to do next.

You can leave a preferred time here or the “Suggestion Box” at the studio

This is your workout time, you let us know when you want us here

A Workout for your kids and Bowling Green Parent Magazine

This Thurs 9-16-10 at GT Fitness Studio there is a photographer coming to take pictures for the new Bowling Green Parent Magazine due out October.

I need those of you that are interested to come d0 a workout today with me, Jessie and your kids.

I have the most kids participating in my program than ever before and I’m so excited and thankful you parents are starting to include your kids.

Those of you that have brought your children before or just want to see whats going on please come on out and be a part of it.

(We will not be serving punch and cookies)

baseball and soccer 14-15yr olds getting some core trainingEthan he trains for kids triathlons (just like his Dad)

Kyle 15yr old swimmer working legs for push off the starting blocksMax - holds the overall record for 32mins rowed in one session (in football pants)

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