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Breakfast on the go – eating at gas stations

Every morning before 7am I get coffee and little breakfast at the gas station here by my house  on the way in to work to train clients.

I always try to get something to eat because BREAKFAST is very important to “break” the nights”fast” from sleeping 5-8hrs without food or drink.

Your body needs some sort of energy to get it going and eating something in the morning is the key to keeping your metabolism running so you don’t gain unwanted Bodyfat

My favorite choice is the “Jesus” food – sunflower seeds, cashews, almonds because they are natural, have good amount of protein, low carbs and healthy fats compared to other choices

If you have any other ideas or questions about my choices please let me know – I get these at the gas station but I know of many more out there and will always give my opinion!!

Get Toned: don’t retain water

If you go to bed or wake up bloated and swollen from eating the day before DRINK more water, the best diuretic is water itself and the more you drink the more you piss.  The more you go to the bathroom your body will pull all the extra water out and will relieve you of less water retention and the extra water weight.  That’s a victory in many ways (better hydration, skin, hair, nails, organ function) but you have to be aware of what your eating to find out

Here’s another Get Toned tip about protein, breakfast and water

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