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Sharp Curves Ahead


Everybody has a body shape of some sort – some of us have more curves while others are stick thin with no features.

My point is that if you go through this


bc every body type has an opportunity to be a fit, sexy, body type, you can be this too – HAPPY!!


GT Get Fit Tip: Be Your Best Body Type

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The fog was rolling this morning, the air is getting cooler.  Football season is here and the Bears started off HOT HOT first game of the year ( Bears over Falcons 30-12)

The best time of year?

Some will argue that it is, I despise the frigid temps, but will suck it up for some good football

The cooler weather also signals in our bodies that its time to eat and gain body fat for winter.  Fat, although looking terrible on our abs and hips, does serve that purpose to protect and keep us warm.

Summer time is peak season and time to enjoy the body you worked for all winter.  Once fall gets here, “hunger cues” will commence,  and you’ll be overwhelmed with propensities to eat more calories.

This is natural for warm-blooded animals, what is also natural is how your body will store that fat,  ectomorphs, endomorphs and mesomorphs will store fat in different ways and in different areas of the body.  Your genetics from parents will determine how and where you store the EXTRA fat.

Mesopmorphs:  trouble areas can be around the hips around the love handles but usually compensated by more muscle build and a “V” shape upper body with a tapered waist.  A natural muscular frame keeps the metabolism up and excess fat storage is usually not prominent.

Ectomorphs:  fat stores typically are evenly distributed throughout the body frame although the physique may appear soft and “skinny fat”.   Ecto’s are longer, taller people and won’t store much excess body fat or pack on extra muscle.  Trouble areas can vary but due to the naturally lean body the real trick is to keep your body fat % under 28% for females and 15% for male body frames

Endomorphs: these are the hardest types of bodies to deal with, they can and will store body fat at the drop of the hat, these types can walk by a buffet and gain 4 lbs.   Trouble areas tend to be around the abs, hips, and thighs.  Fat stores can be in excess and can typically give the person a “round” or “pudgy” frame.  They can have broad shoulders and hips and with the extra muscle mass and fat storage around the bones the weight or mass can pack on heavily to this powerhouse frame.

We all have some sort of combination of the three body types listed above.  You may tend to be more dominantly tall or muscular but make no mistake about it, how you eat and what exercises you do or don’t do can determine how much extra fat you store on your frame regardless of what type of body you have.

Check out these pics to get a better idea of what body type you have

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