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How to help control heartburn

Question:  A lemon is acidic or alkaline?

Most people will say that a lemon is acidic, when in actuality it is alkaline.

Foods that we digest gets to our stomach and helps create more acid (increase heart burn and indigestion) or the food can also help to neutralize the acid ph in our bodies.

Naturally our body stays around a 7PH – when we move or increase muscle contractions our muscular system will give off lactic acid and therefore increase the PH of our body to a higher acidic level.

ph scale of the human body

ph scale of the human body

The better shape a person is in the better ability they have to buffer lactic acid.  What separates recreational weekend warriors from Olympic athletes and professionals is the ability to move and buffer lactic acid

If you eat good “quality” foods but have a lot of heart burn then you could be eating too many acidic food and not know it, here is a list of foods and their PH scale to help control some heartburn

foods and thier ph scale

foods and thier ph scale

GT Get Fit Tip: Listen to Your HEART

GT – Get Fit tip: Heart Muscle

cardiac catheterization: my own heart, left ve...

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Heart muscle:

one of the most important muscles of the body I would have to say would be the heart – “cardiac muscle”

-lifting weights increases the left ventricle (pic) of the heart – the part that pumps the blood through the body

Surgeon General recommends at least 20mins physical activity a day for adults to stimulate heart health

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