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Why do you?

What is your “why”

Why do you eat what you eat?

Why do you workout?

Why do you take “medicine”

Why do you sleep at night?

To me your why is more important than your what or how


Back pain – go stretch, not to the Dr

I learned in graduate school that 60% of all back pain is caused by tight hamstrings, if you don’t stretch your legs your back will eventually hurt

Most people with back pain don’t stretch or workout bc they have back pain (go figure)

You go the doctor he doesn’t stretch you, he gives you a pill (that’s his job)

Your car breaks down you go to the mechanic, not the eye doctor chiropractor to get it fixed

Your eyesight bad?  you go see the eye Dr (Trina Warden who I recommend) not your accountant who does your taxes

So with back pain they give you drugs that only mask the symptoms or a surgeon to cut you open (guess what he learned how to do in school)

Patients with back pain often get the wrong treatment

Workout, stretch, rest – Repeat

too much of a good thing

Best thing about new people starting at the studio is that they are gung-ho, motivated and ready to make a difference.  Few weeks pass and goals are being met, results are showing and the momentum keeps growing.

One thing I always remind people of is that a little bit is good, but sometimes more isn’t always better.

The body has to rest to recover from a workout, a body that doesn’t rest is broken down and weak


Uncle Jeffy never says “uncle”

Uncle Jeffy at 2pm today went under the knife to have a procedure done called

Anterior cervical discectomy and fusion


to relieve pressure on his spinal cord to keep his shoulder and arm from losing anymore strength


its a 5 hour surgery and he is expected to be in recovery room around 9pm

Wish him luck!!







Training for your body type – Endomoprhs

I teach about 3 distinct body types when I meet new clients or when people have questions about their body fat.  Knowing what your body type is and how to eat, train, and sleep accordingly is one of the most important and most overlooked aspects of personal training and getting in shape.


We all lift weights, we all do cardio, we all participate in the same 5k’s but what sets us apart is how we train and what training our body type responds too.  Endomorphs need to focus on bigger sets, with more intensity and a fast training pace

Having good nutrition is of course important too, endomorphs need to focus on eating more fruits and vegetables, more complex carbs and more lean high quality protein.   YOU have to cut out the junk food and sweets because the endomorph body type easily converts extra calories to stored energy, and that is not what we want to do!!

Workout programs, diets, and personal trainers fail because people do not eat & train for their body type, what they do is train by doing something somebody else already did and think it will work bc its in the magazine or on t.v

New workout: “KB500 – kick your butt core workout”

this Wed 5:30pm we will be starting another workout here at GT Fitness Studio – its a kickboxing workout designed to burn at least 500 calories using various forms of “martial art” style exercises focusing and attacking the core.

Steve-O will be here instructing the class with over 29yrs of martial art experience you will be guaranteed to kick, punch, and chop your way through this workout

It’s open registration ($10) , no contracts or memberships, just show up and get the workout!!

We are what we eat

Being a personal trainer my main focus and most enjoyment comes from doing workouts and helping people build strength and confidence in their own body and abilities.

On the flip side you can’t workout good and eat bad, nutrition is paramount in everything we do.  You can’t outwork a bad diet, if you don’t eat right you wont maximize gains/

Taking a positive approach let me say that the eating part for me is the easiest, but for most my clients it’s where they fall short and have the biggest problem.

If we eat too much or too little our body will store fat.  Eat more calories and lift weights the body will want to build muscle. Skip meals & you increase cortisol production and store more body fat. Eat light & often you can keep your thermogenic burn going and keep your metabolism revved up throughout the day.

The trick is then to eat lite, eat often with lean high quality protein, fruits & vegetables, seeds and nuts with good fats

We are what we eat, What are you?

What’s your Frequency?

More frequency or less?

how frequent do you go out to eat?

How frequent do you cook at home?

How frequent do workout?

How frequent do you change your workout?

Do you rest frequently?

How frequent do you get sick?

How frequent do you go to the doctor?

How frequent do you miss work?

How frequent do you take a vacation?

If you had a favorite frequency, what would it be?



Price of beef – how high can it go?


3 types of people who workout on Friday

I’m at the studio every Friday doing leg workouts., over the years I have seen many people come and go but on Friday it seems there are three distinct types of people who always show up for a good workout:

  1. People who are wanting to lose body fat
  2. People who have already lost body fat
  3. People who are keeping off body fat


Every body else it seems are doing other things besides burning body fat – or that’s how I see it anyways

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