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New Year, Busiest Time for a Personal Trainer

Start of 2012 has been great!!

We have been busy down at the studio and already dropped -28lbs the first week of workouts.  That’s a good start and up from last year in 2011 we dropped close to -1000lbs with the WONDERFUL help of Mrs Laura Williams  and her -100lbs results (all by herself)

I have also been hanging with The Robin Shea Show & Southern Fried Fitness  every Tues from 10-11am central talking with her and some wonderful guests about the 80/20 split which is “80% healthy lifestyle and 20% indulgence and 100% southern!!”

This is my first post in quite some time and along with the stuff happenings at the studio, I have recently moved into my first house which has taken up more time.  The house is within 1.5 miles from the studio so if you ever need a quick workout I’m close and ready to go

I am thankful to be busy training bc my real fear is to have to get a real job!!

The “SKINNY” on Working Out #gettoned

Not everybody dreads a “workout”, for whom the bells toll working out is a must.

Problem is when you go to a health club most the people working out and enjoying it are already FIT, it’s the ones that have no idea WTF is going on that have a problem.  

If you workout or “belong” to a gym, then you see people doing the same thing over and over again.  They never get the results they want because they are not making the best of their workout time.

If you are stuck on weight or FAT LOSS then listen up, make sure you understand this to GET TONED!!

F. I. T.

F-requency – how many days a week you workout

I- ntensity – how hard you work or how many calories you burn in a training session

T- ime – how long each training session lasts

Most gym goers last about 4-6wks, or until their body adjusts to their diet and workout routine.  When the body gets used to what you’re doing then you will decrease maximum benefits.  Your workouts become less effective.

Most weight loss occurs in the beginning especially if you have detoxed your body from unwanted Carbohydrates and lost water retention.

If you want to get FIT then you have to manipulate F.I.T. so your workouts stay popping and fresh.  If your stuck or bored with your current routine then let me know,  I got a 2-day and 3-day a week programs going on where you just show up and do the workout I already made.  GET TONED!!!

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