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2013: The best and worst time to start working out

The final two weeks of the year is staring us right in the face.  Looking back you can see people places and things that touched your heart and flashes of memories that you want to vanish forever.  I myself have been blessed in 2012 and can’t wait to run through 2013.

The new year brings one of my favorite times for business, the “resolution”


1. the act or an instance of resolving
2. the condition or quality of being resolute; firmness or determination
3. something resolved or determined; decision
4. a formal expression of opinion by a meeting, esp one agreed by a vote
5. (Law) a judicial decision on some matter; verdict; judgment
6. the act or process of separating something into its constituent parts or elements

There’s the dictionary definition, take your pick.   When people hear the word they typically think of losing weight.

I think that’s fabulous.

I have worked at the big gyms, owned my own business and have been a personal trainer going on 12yrs, although I see and learn new things all the time, some things never do change, like people starting off the new year wanting to get in shape.

This by far is the best and worst time to start working out.

It’s best because people are motivated, ready and helped along by encouragement of family, peers, and co-workers, and without some support its hard to  be successful.

On the other-hand, it’s the worst time to workout, it’s crowded, time-consuming, and almost embarrassing for some because of how they have let their self go.

Bigger gyms won’t help

$15/24hr  gym won’t help

Diet pills wont help

Starving yourself won’t help

Working out 2 hrs a day wont help

The only thing that helps is YOU – you have to want to make a change and accept the responsibilities  that come with that change.

The best help is self-help – you are the motivation, the resolution, you are the reason  I have purpose and self fulfillment in my own life – thank you

Gaining weight is better than losing weight – always

Think about it this way – when you start a new workout program to lose “body fat” you are focused on a number like -5lbs, -10lbs,

“I want to lose -20lbs then I will be ok”

Try this instead, focus on how much stronger you are getting in the gym, look at the 5lbs weights you are lifting with your arms, You will look a lot better when you can lift 20lbs with those arms!!

It’s hard to get your body in shape if you don’t lift weights and do things to make the muscles work and shape up.  Cardio alone (walking, jogging, biking) won’t get it done sufficiently as weights and cardio combined will

I believe strong is the new skinny and by gaining more strength lifting weights you will help burn more calories and lose the body fat which is whats really wanted, a lower overall BF%


Beach body or beached whale?

Gym Memberships have their advantages no doubt about that.  Some of my best clients come from the gym bc they are overwhelmed with all the equipment, people and not knowing exactly what to do.

The whole reason I opened my training studio was to cut out the middle man and make personal trainers more accessible to everyday people.

New Years and Spring Break are around the corner and those every day people are going to want to be in shape, they need some good workouts to get that “beach body” some will want it more than others but the difference will be made in what you do from now till then.

It’s my job, I’m ready for this, are you?

Go to the Gym?

Either, not both

Stand out or fit in.

Not all the time, and never at the same time, but it’s always a choice.

Those that choose to fit in should expect to avoid criticism (and be ignored). Those that stand out should expect neither. (Seth Godin)

I get phone calls from people wanting to know my “gym membership” price and I tell them GT Fitness is not a GYM, this is a process that you don’t buy when you “go to the gym”.

This is a different world we live in today compared to the generations past and by striving to be fit and healthy you are being different from the norm

Thank you for being different with me!!

Green and Orange workout

If you wear green and orange clothes to workout in then I have something for you

It doesn’t matter when or where you workout, this week happens to be Spring Break week

If you click this link on your smart phone #GTfitBG (times vary)

This will let you in on what we do in today’s workout

Take a peek on me, You might see something you know and can do it on the beach too


#how2gettoned 2

#how2gettoned #2

commit 6wks – join a gym, boot camp, hire a trainer or grab a friend, it doesn’t matter how you commit but give your body type 6 full weeks to adapt to the changes you have made.  The body works in 4-6wks increments so be PATIENT

Top 5 Excuses for Being Overweight

Top 5 EXCUSES people give me for being overweight

  1. I can’t afford a gym membership
  2. I’m not looking to compete in “exercise”
  3. I’m too tired to work out – my job, degree, family, and life is stressful so I don’t have the energy to work out 
  4. I’m so busy I don’t have time to fit your training hours into my schedule
  5. I’m too old to work out, my knees and back hurt

What form of exercise do you enjoy the most?

Does this exercise increase your “efficiency” to burn carbohydrates and fat over time?

Do you eat more calories (fruits&vegs) now than before and still lose body fat?

Does the exercise you enjoy most make you see a difference in your metabolism?

Exercise is can be any structured physical activity.

You don’t need a 12 – month gym membership for that.

Go out and do something FUN!!


GT Get Fit Tip: How Do I Lose This Baby Weight?

Michelin Baby

Image by bespoke via Flickr

After 9 months of carrying a baby things will take time to get back to normal.  It takes about 4 weeks for the uterus to shrink back to normal size while losing 8-20lbs of extra fluid.  Once the fluid is gone, whats left is the extra FAT gained during pregnancy.

Trying to get back to the gym can sound like a good idea but things are hectic with newborns; time constraints, crazy schedule, guilt and mood swings can all make it difficult to make workouts.

Don’t sweat it, keep it simple and  focus on what’s important like nutrition, your baby, and rest.  Find a support group of like-minded people (neighbors, church, friends) to get ideas and help from, you’ll be surprised how creative other moms can become with little children.  If you can’t dedicate a trip to the gym, think about splitting workouts up into small segments of time, 10mins is better than a big O!!

Don’t get overwhelmed and worried about a few extra pounds of fat, keep things simple and relax, you have just brought a new living being into this world and now is the time to enjoy what you have created.

If you do need extra support or workout ideas please let me know, I have an infant/crawler workout for moms called BABY WEIGHTS I would love for you to join us.

Guys at your gym (BAC, Total Fitness, Owensboro HealthPark maybe?)

This is painful to watch, the guy spotting is to blame as much as Hercules for even trying to do the lift.  Truth be known he just got some new “pills”

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