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What does a food label really say? Why don’t we just talk about it

We all look at food labels before we buy a product (if you don’t I hope you will start) but what does it really say?

When I go to the grocery I always look at the labels and check

  1. total calories
  2. calories per serving
  3. protein grams
  4. Carb grams
  5. Sodium

I always always always look and read the label in that order then based on the price per serving decide if I want to buy it or not.  Now some of that has changed since I became a family man but I will never buy something that I don’t know what its made of

To take it one step further if you look at the ingredients of the product, the first substance listed is what is most abundant, the last substance is the least.  Most of the time there are a lot of acids, alcohols, and starches

We are wanting to do a class on “Food Labels”  Dec 10th 6pm here at the studio.  We will have some speakers on chemistry and some clients of mine who have learned as they go about reading and eating food in the grocery

Please join us for a talk and workout if you are interested, bring a friend or two and we will have a great evening learning and working out

GT Get Fit tip: Grocery shopping

One complaint I always hear about healthy eating is “it costs too much”

Way back long ago in the 1800’s when food was scarce we went to the grocery and got everything in BIG quantities in case it snowed or had a drought.  Still today we have huge discount stores you save when you buy in bulk.

Back to reality now, if you over eat you will gain weight, gaining  weight will make you obese and cause your body to break down starting with the bones and joints and ultimately the vital organs.

When you go to the grocery, DON’T buy so much food!!

You will save money and lose weight!! (3500 calories equals one pound)


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