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last supper

my last supper tonight before the food challenge is my favorite mashed potatoes – with baked spicy chicken and asparagus

I will be using the “lose it” app and “food burner” app to track my calories

I’m weighing In at 161 and 13% body fat – my goal in 10 days is 155 and 8-10% body fat

We have 25 people signed in and ready to go – I am very excited to get the results – I will post them soon

Any suggestions or questions please let me know, the 10 day food challenge is a great place for anybody to help start burning body fat

Green and Orange workout

If you wear green and orange clothes to workout in then I have something for you

It doesn’t matter when or where you workout, this week happens to be Spring Break week

If you click this link on your smart phone #GTfitBG (times vary)

This will let you in on what we do in today’s workout

Take a peek on me, You might see something you know and can do it on the beach too


GT Get Fit Tip: Yes You Can

Here is a pic I saw on Tumblr – had to share

#how2gettoned 2

#how2gettoned #2

commit 6wks – join a gym, boot camp, hire a trainer or grab a friend, it doesn’t matter how you commit but give your body type 6 full weeks to adapt to the changes you have made.  The body works in 4-6wks increments so be PATIENT

#how2gettoned 3

#how2gettoned #3 drink 100oz water/day (this really helps shed extra WATER weight)

Dream Dream Dream

Thank you so much for giving me purpose




Most Inspiring Thing Ever Said from the Office

The best of advice to apply to everyday life

Earn the Burn

(repost from Tumblr)

GT Get Fit Tip: Water Weight

(via healthyisclassy)


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